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What Are X Out Golf Balls? Are They Illegal?

A lot of people use X Out golf balls or have heard someone using these dimpled spheres. So, what are these weird golf balls and are they illegal? Who manufactures X-Out Golf balls and why you should use them? In this article, we will discuss some amazing details on X Out golf balls, explaining why they’re some golfers’ favorites. What are X-Out golf balls? Let’s find out in this article. Also, visit our other blogs on illegal golf balls after finishing this one.

What Are X Out Golf Balls?

How would you describe X-Out golf balls? In simple words, these dimpled spheres are rejected pieces that have been discarded by their manufacturers due to minor problems and are now sold at discounted prices in golf ball stores. The “X” denotes tiny cosmetic imperfections, usually invisible to the naked eye, making them unfit for golfing tournaments. That’s why X Out golf balls are sold at cheaper rates and can be obtained very easily online.

The Birth of the “X Out” Concept

In short, here’s how we can describe the origins of X Out golf balls: golf ball manufacturers realized that, during production processes, some balls may come out with cosmetic flaws like scuff marks, off-center logo placement, or discolorations. Even though these imperfections did not ruin the balls significantly, they caused concern regarding saleability at full price. Also, these balls have poor performance compared to normal balls. That’s how X Out golf balls were born, helping golfers practice their swing without having to purchase expensive golf balls.

Offering Golfers an Affordable Alternative

Manufacturers addressed this problem by marking slightly imperfect balls with an “X”. These X Out golf balls were offered at reduced prices relative to first-quality counterparts and gained favor quickly as golfers realized they offered comparable performance but at more economical costs. This initiative became immensely popular and quickly caught on. So, even though these balls may not perform as well as the normal ones, they sure as a lot cheaper.

The Popularity of X Out Golf Balls

Over time, X-Out golf balls have quickly become an ideal solution for budget-minded golfers looking for cost savings while maintaining high levels of performance. Golfers can purchase these budget balls under popular brand names such as Titleist, Callaway, and Bridgestone to find something suitable. Many YouTubers have added X Out golf balls in their compilations, calling them some of the best practice golf balls out there.

Are X Out Balls Legal for Tournament Play?

Golfers hoping to use X Out golf balls for tournaments must remember they are not approved by the United States Golf Association (USGA). So, you can’t use them in sanctioned competitions. An official golf tournament requires cosmetically perfect golfing equipment; attending such a tournament with an imperfect golf ball (like X-Out golf balls) isn’t allowed. They’re only good for practice or private matches. Even TaylorMade X Out golf balls are illegal for a tournament.

Pros And Cons Of Using X Out Golf Balls

Although X Out golf balls do not meet official regulations, they still present many advantages over premium models. Their budget-conscious pricing makes them ideal for practice rounds; their cosmetic imperfections do not interfere with performance. So, X-Out balls provide cost-effective solutions for losing balls on regular golf rounds. Here’s a brief breakdown of some of the pros and cons of using these cosmetically imperfect dimpled spheres.

Pros of Using X Out Golf Balls


X-Out golf balls tend to be less costly than their first-quality counterparts. They’re typically less expensive than brand-new golf balls, making them an economical choice for golfers who want to save money.

Available Online and Store

These balls can easily be found both online and at retail locations, providing easy access to cost-effective solutions. You can find X Out golf balls in a range of models and styles, so you’re not limited in your choices.

Quality/Price Ratio

For golfers seeking value for their money, X Out balls provide the optimal combination of quality and cost for maximum playback potential. Since they might have cosmetic blemishes, they’re often used as a canvas for custom artwork or designs.

Ideal for Practice

Many golfers opt to use X-out balls during practice rounds. You too can now use X Out balls for practice rounds or when they’re likely to lose a few balls. This saves their best balls for actual rounds.

Cons Of Using X Out Golf Balls

Cosmetic Imperfections

Some golfers find the aesthetic imperfections present on these balls unacceptable, which may restrict golfer choice and lead them to opt for alternatives that might provide better options.

Performance Variability

While generally performing well, due to minor imperfections, there could be some performance variance. However, this performance decline isn’t even visible because of the quality of the balls.

Not Tournament-Ready

Due to not meeting premium golf ball standards X Out golf balls typically aren’t used in tournaments or competitions. That’s why you shouldn’t compete in tournaments with these dimpled spheres.

Personal Preferences

Some golfers prefer the look and feel of high-grade balls; for them, X Out balls might not meet these specifications. So, only choose golf balls that reflect your style and personality.

The Titleist Connection

Titleist is one of the premier golf ball manufacturers and Golfing Gimmicks has reviewed some of the products made by this company as top-rated! So, Titleist provides “X Out” versions of its premium golf balls as well, such as its Pro V1 model, without performance-related issues. You can expect to find cosmetic issues like ink smudges or paint defects in these X-Out balls. The company ensures the brand name remains visible while adding an “X-Out” label on one side for easy identification. So, let’s discuss these X Out golf balls a bit more.

How to Identify X Out Golf Balls?

Spotting “X Out” golf balls is easy; just look out for balls marked with an “X”, an “O”, or a similar symbol on their surfaces to easily distinguish them from regular ones. This clear designation will help you identify them effortlessly. X-Out golf balls are available in different packages though.

X Out Golf Balls vs. Practice Balls

While X-Out balls feature cosmetic imperfections on standard balls, practice balls have been specifically developed to facilitate training purposes. Bear in mind that X Out golf balls are made for normal usage on a golf course and are just “bad looking”. They’re not practice balls per se.

Are “X Out” Golf Balls Worth It?

Many golfers find the affordability and performance of “X Out” balls worthwhile investments; their affordability allows for worry-free enjoyment without regard for potential lost-ball costs. Whether they are worth it ultimately depends upon individual preferences and playing styles.

Why Are X-Out Golf Balls Sometimes Considered Rare?

“X Out” golf balls may not be scarce per se; what makes them unique and captivating is their unpredictable availability. When sold through secondary markets, these balls seem harder to come by than usual. However, you can buy them easily online or from a nearby store today.


So, what are X Out golf balls and are they illegal? In short, we learned that X Out balls (also written as X-Out balls) are imperfect dimpled spheres. During the golf-ball-making process, all the cosmetically imperfect balls are discarded and later sold at cheaper prices. That’s where X-Out golf balls come from and you can use them for practice. They don’t perform as well as your regular TaylorMade golf balls but they sure as better than most of those illegal golf balls out there. So, that’s all you need to know about TaylorMade X Out golf balls in 2024.

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FAQs – X Out Golf Balls

What Does “x” Mean on Pro V1 Golf Balls?

Pro V1x balls distinguish themselves from their standard Pro V1 counterparts with specific characteristics like higher trajectory, increased spin rate, and penetrating ball flight. It’s not the same as the “X” on X-Out balls where this letter represents cosmetic imperfections.

Are X Out Golf Balls Rare?

Golfers often favor X Out balls for their value and playability. Widely available and typically more affordable due to minor cosmetic flaws, golfers frequently select them for practice. They are not rare as many golf balls get cosmetic imperfections during the manufacturing process.

What Does “X Out” Mean on Golf Balls?

“X Out” refers to balls with minor defects or cosmetic flaws that do not compromise performance and should only be used in practice rounds or casual play. Such balls should only be considered appropriate for casual use and practice rounds, such as TaylorMade X Out golf balls.

Are X Out Golf Balls Good?

X-Out golf balls can provide the ideal solution for golfers. While these balls may exhibit slight cosmetic imperfections, their performance remains comparable to their first-grade counterparts, offering golfers cost savings without compromising quality. So, they’re good, yes!

Can You Play with X-Out Golf Balls?

Yes, X-Out golf balls can be played with by golfers in non-official matches. They were created to be used on a golf course and offer practicality without spending as much money on balls. Bear in mind they’re only illegal to be used in official golf tournaments. So, use them for practice.

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