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Why are Nitro golf balls illegal?

Golf balls determine the outcome of a game, official or casual. That’s why both sides choose a high-quality brand to navigate the greens without anyone getting an unfair advantage over others. While some golf balls are appreciated for their fine quality, others are criticized for being just too “easy”. Nitro golf balls are one example of these notorious balls; they offer players, even amateurs, too much advantage. Therefore, some organizations have made Nitro golf balls illegal in the UK and the USA. Let’s find out what Nitro golf balls are exactly what makes them illegal.

What makes Nitro golf balls illegal?

Who makes Nitro golf balls and what exactly are they?

Description of Nitro golf balls

Let’s answer some preliminary questions regarding Nitro golf balls first. What are Nitro golf balls? Who makes Nitro golf balls? Exactly what company makes Nitro golf balls? Well, these small, trusted spheres are designed to offer different performance characteristics, suitable for the needs of many golfers. These balls are made by a company called Nitro Golf, a company based in Florida, USA. This brand isn’t as popular as Callaway or Titleist, but they do offer a range of affordable options for golfing enthusiasts.

Construction of Nitro golf balls

Let’s also discuss how these golf balls are made. If you wish to know what makes Nitro golf balls illegal then it’s important to understand what makes them unique from other seemingly legal golfing accessories. So, here’s a breakdown of how these balls are manufactured:


Nitro golf balls are generally constructed with either two or three pieces. They will use a rubber core, ionomer cover, and dimple pattern designed for different performance attributes.


As advertised, Nitro golf balls offer maximum distance at affordable rates. Their titanium-infused cores transfer a lot of energy on high-impact shots. Investing in Nitro golf balls means you’ll get immense durability and playability at a budget-friendly price point.

Dimple pattern

Every golfer worth their salt knows the importance of dimple patterns; this feature influences the lift, control, and distance of your shots. That’s why Nitro golf balls offer various dimple patterns to accommodate various playing styles.

Why are Nitro golf balls illegal in the US?

The USGA and Nitro golf balls

Now, let’s move on to the crux of the matter i.e., are Nitro golf balls legal? If they are illegal then what can be the reason behind it? Here’s the simple answer: Nitro golf balls are not legal and it is better to avoid playing with them in an official tournament. The source of this information must be the USGA (United States Golf Association). So, are Nitro golf balls USGA-approved? Now, you can see for yourself. Click here to get a PDF copy of the USGA’s list of conforming golf balls, effective since September 2020. This list doesn’t mention any Nitro golf balls. This list is also approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, founded in 1754.

What makes Nitro golf balls illegal?

However, some sources claim that Nitro golf balls aren’t inherently evil, and only a few versions or models are banned from official tournaments. You may ask: “Is there anything like illegal golf balls?” We shall respond with a guaranteed “yes”. That’s because golf clubs and organizations have set up some standards and regulations; if a certain brand’s golf balls don’t comply with these standards, their products will be declared illegal. These standards dictate stuff about the golf ball’s size, weight, velocity, and construction mechanism.

In short, golf balls have to be 1.68 to 1.72 inches in diameter and weigh 1.62 ounces at most. A golf ball’s compression rating mustn’t exceed 100 points. Nitro golf balls give players an unfair advantage over regular balls as they fly further and faster with minimal effort. That’s why the USGA deemed them illegal. However, you can still use them for recreational purposes. Are Nitro Ultimate Distance golf balls legal? Yes, these models prioritize achieving longer distances with minimum energy, making them non-conforming as per the USGA’s standards. You can still use them for casual and non-competitive tournaments, however.

Tips to use Nitro golf balls legally

We know what makes Nitro golf balls illegal now. But are there any alternate solutions to these magical spheres? Well, you can bypass this legality and use “barely legal” golf balls. Here are a few ingenious solutions you should consider:

  • Use composite/blended golf balls
  • Try using a titanium-covered golf ball
  • Another option is using polyurethane-covered golf balls

Are Nitro golf balls any good?

You may wonder if Nitro golf balls are any good. What are the benefits of using these balls? Is there a flaw in these balls? How bad are Nitro golf balls? How good are Nitro golf balls? Well, here’s a brief breakdown of the pros and cons of these these balls:

Budget-friendlyNot commonly available in retail stores
Distance-focusedLacks the finesse or premium golf balls
Suitable for casual players and beginnersDoesn’t meet the USGA’s standards
Decent performance for recreational useLimited spin and control on the green
Soft feel on impact for some modelsCan’t be used in official tournaments
A wide range of models and colorsInconsistent quality control

Types of Nitro Golf Balls to Buy

Now, you are probably looking for some Nitro golf balls to purchase after going through their pros. You can find multiple high-quality Nitro products online. Just go through these products, read their recent reviews, check out the price tag, and make sure these balls can be delivered to your address. That’s all you have to do is to own a Nitro golf ball. You can choose Nitro spheres in different colors for better visibility and bring your golf game to new heights.

Nitro Maximum Distance Golf BallMore Information
Nitro Tour Distance Soft Golf BallsMore Information
Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball, Multi-ColoredMore Information
Nitro High-Durability Golf BallsMore Information
Nitro White Out Ball, OrangeMore Information
Nitro Crossfire 45 Golf Balls – YellowMore Information
Many golfers on YouTube have shown how Nitro golf balls work


In a nutshell, the USGA has strict standards regarding conforming golf balls. Any ball that gives players an unfair advantage is deemed illegal. Nitro golf balls reach longer distances very fast with minimal speed. They make a great starter golf ball, fit for amateurs and children, but illegal to use in serious, official tournaments. That’s why, even though Nitro golf balls are cheap, light-weight, and pretty accessible, they should be avoided when participating in official matches.

FAQs – Why are nitro golf balls illegal?

Is there such a thing as illegal golf balls?

Yes, illegal golf balls do exist in official golf tournaments and should be avoided at all costs. Golf has its rulebook with strict requirements regarding size, weight, and performance standards that any ball that does not adhere to could potentially become “illegal.” Governing bodies like USGA and R&A have set very precise specifications when it comes to what types of balls can compete; any contravention could land them in trouble!

How many balls can a PGA player carry?

Whenever playing tournaments, professional golfers are allowed to carry up to 14 clubs; there’s no hard limit when it comes to carrying golf balls – usually, they bring quite a lot, not because they plan on losing all but because life on the course can be unpredictable – one might take an unexpected swim or they might need one for certain shots; being prepared is key when competing at tournaments!

Why are some golf balls illegal in PGA tournaments?

A golf ball needs to confirm to certain regulations before it becomes playable. For instance, all golf ball need to be symmetrical, shouldn’t weigh more than 45.93 grams, and not have a diameter surpassing 42.67 mm. Illegal golf balls are illegal mainly because they don’t conform to these simple regulations; and Nitro golf balls are guilty of the same problem.

What is compression on Titleist Velocity?

Now let’s take a look at Titleist Velocity golf balls – these little orbs boast something very special: their compression rating. In golf parlance, compression serves as the firmness gauge of golf balls; Titleist Velocity balls have an especially low compression rating which makes them softer. Why does this matter? Well, slow-swing speed golfers appreciate these balls because they help gain extra distance with cushioned impacts to help get the most out of each shot.

Where can Nitro golf balls be played?

Nitro golf balls can be played almost everywhere where golfing is allowed; casual rounds, practice sessions, and non-official events alike all provide opportunities to use them. But they might have to stay home during tournaments run by organizations like USGA or R&A where they do not conform with regulations set forth for that event.

How many times can you hit the ball in Nitro golf ball?

Finally, when it comes to using Nitro golf balls there’s no set number of times you can strike one at them. In a typical round of golf every player takes numerous shots from tee to green in an attempt to complete each hole as quickly and with the fewest strokes as possible – meaning every Nitro golf ball could see plenty of play unless it decides on its own to head off on an adventure – at which point new balls should be introduced into the game!

What are ReLoad golf balls?

You might be curious to know what the heck these ReLoad golf balls are! Well, here’s what you need to know: ReLoad golf balls are nothing more than recycled, refurbished golf balls that have gone through a meticulous cleaning, binning, and sorting process.

Are Nitro golf balls fine off the tee?

Yes, they are fine off the tea; there seems to be less slice with them. So, that’s the only problem Nitro golf balls may have. Other than that, you will them Nitro golf balls perfectly reasonable off the tee. Even if you think these balls are bad, people with a higher handicap won’t be able to tell the difference. We recommend you do your own research on r/golf on Reddit to determine if these balls are worth your money.

That’s what looks like when you try to buy illegal golf balls

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