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Who Makes Noodle Golf Balls? Are They Illegal? (2024 Updated)

We all love Noodle golf balls, the best spheres for amateur golfers. But who makes Noodle golf balls in 2024? Are Noodle golf balls good for all sorts of players? In this article, we’ll discuss the brief history of the making of Noodle soft golf balls. Let’s see once and for all who makes these dimpled spheres. Also, are these golf balls illegal? We’ll revisit this question in this article. Soon, you will realize how good or bad Noodle soft golf balls are for your gameplay.

Who manufactures Noodle golf balls in 2024?

Types of TaylorMade Noodle Golf Balls

We’re discussing the problem of “Who makes Noodle golf balls?” but it shouldn’t prevent us from exploring the types of TaylorMade Noodle golf balls available for purchase online. So, we have found three amazing products to buy from Amazon here. Just click on these links below and buy some of the best golf balls made by TaylorMade (aside from Pro V1).

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf BallsMore Information
Taylormade Noodle Neon Matte Color Golf BallsMore Information
Noodle Easy Distance Golf BallMore Information

The Birth of Noodle Golf Balls

Before we reveal who makes Noodle golf balls, let’s investigate its history and development. Who makes Noodle golf balls? Noodle soft golf balls are manufactured by TaylorMade Golf Company, a well-known golf equipment and apparel brand. They offer various models of golf balls under the “Noodle” brand, known for their affordability and performance, making them popular among golfers.

TaylorMade Golf introduced Noodle golf balls into the golfing industry via their well-recognized and esteemed brand name, which was already known for innovation and producing top-of-the-line gear. The company’s mission has always been to create innovative, high-performance golf equipment to help golfers of all levels improve their game. TaylorMade remains one of the most recognized and trusted brands in golf.

That’s the answer to the question, “Who makes Noodle golf balls?” It seems appropriate here to discuss a brief history of the company too. What other line of products does TaylorMade have? Let’s find out.

Meet the Makers: TaylorMade Golf

So, who makes Noodle golf balls in 2024? They are still made by Taylormade, a popular brand operating since 1979. This company had its humble beginnings in Illinois with Gary Adams, the investor of the modern “metal wood”. Nicknamed the Pittsburgh Persimmon, it soon became a sensation in the golfing industry. It has also switched owners, such as Salomon Group, Adidas, KPS Capital Partners, and Centroid Investment Partners; the fourth company owns TaylorMade even today. So, who makes Noodle golf balls today? Well, you have the names of the investors involved in manufacturing all TaylorMade products. This Korean private equity firm bought it for $1.7 billion back in 2021.

The farewell to Adidas was a welcome move for TaylorMade workers. It gave TaylorMade the freedom to sign Tiger Woods, a Yahoo report suggests. TaylorMade was also regarded as one of the best places to apply for a job in 2021. With a non-toxic work culture, TaylorMade boasts decades of experience producing top-quality equipment and enjoys strong recognition within the golf community; therefore Noodle golf balls do not represent some obscure, subpar product but instead part of the TaylorMade Golf family of products. Its Noodle soft golf balls are popular for their unique features. We will now discuss, “Are Noodle golf balls good?”

Why Should Golfers Consider Noodle Golf Balls?

Noodle golf balls have quickly earned themselves a loyal following among golfers for various compelling reasons. We now know who makes Noodle golf balls. But are Noodle golf balls good for amateur players? Let’s discuss why you should keep playing with Noodle Soft Golf balls to improve your gameplay:


One of the key selling points of Noodle golf balls is their competitive pricing, ideal for golfers seeking high quality without breaking their budgets. So, are Noodle golf balls any good? Hell yeah! You can even buy them on Amazon at $11 a dozen, costing less than a dollar for one Noodle golf ball. Now, we know who makes Noodle golf balls and why they’re so beloved.


Noodle golf balls have been developed to offer an ideal blend of distance and control, providing exceptional off-tee performance while still offering effective approach shots and around-green playability. This means they provide reliable performance while remaining under your control on approach shots and around the green. Even amateurs can use them to boost their short game and fine-tune their golfing skills.

Dimple Design

Noodle golf balls feature a special dimple pattern to improve aerodynamic performance for longer and straighter shots, setting them apart from most other golf balls available on the market. This dimple design gives them a distinct advantage in comparison with similar balls available. We can argue that the person who makes Noodle golf balls has put a lot of effort into manufacturing this marvel.

TaylorMade Quality

Noodle golf balls manufactured by TaylorMade Golf benefit from this company’s dedication to quality and innovation, with Noodle balls continuing the legacy that TaylorMade Golf enjoys as one of its flagship products. Their brand recognition also extends into Noodle Balls. You know that the USGA counts TaylorMade Golf as one of its most trusted partners; the golf balls made by this 45-year-old company are a testament to their quality, longevity, and durability.

Outstanding Feel

Golfers appreciate the soft feel of these balls for providing an outstanding golfing experience on both full swings and short game shots. It delivers a satisfying sensation on each club swing or shot taken, giving an exceptional golfer experience from full to short game shots alike. S, are Noodle golf balls any good? You can give them a squeeze and decide for yourself. Use Noodle Soft Golf balls to accommodate your lower swing speed on the green.

Distance and Control

Noodle Soft golf balls offer golfers an ideal blend of distance off of the tee and control on approach shots, giving golfers access to both worlds simultaneously. These golf balls are known for their forgiveness, making them suitable for beginners as well as experienced golfers alike.
A forgiving golf ball is designed to minimize the impact of off-center hits, helping golfers maintain distance and accuracy even when they don’t strike the ball perfectly. You can argue that the person who makes Noodle golf balls is very lenient on greenhorns on the grass.

The Anatomy of Noodle Golf Balls

Noodle Soft golf balls stand out due to their distinct qualities which set them apart. We have to understand how they’re made. You can refer to our previous blogs on the making of Noodle Soft Golf balls to better understand the science behind what’s inside a standard golf ball.

Soft Feel

These Noodle Soft Golf balls are known for their exceptional soft feel when striking the ball, giving golfers an outstanding sense of touch when striking it. They cover longer distances, giving a range of 268 yards on average.

Low Compression Core

These golf balls feature low-compression cores to enable greater compression on impact for increased distance while still offering a soft feel and soft feel. The compression of Noodle golf balls lies at 60 on average.

Surlyn Cover

Noodle Soft golf balls feature Surlyn covers to improve durability while offering the desired combination of spin and control. It seems that the person who makes Noodle golf balls used to pay a lot of attention in science class.

Aerodynamic Dimple Design

Noodle Soft golf balls incorporate dimple patterns designed to maximize aerodynamics for consistent flight and distance, providing consistent flight patterns over time. This answers the question, “Are Noodle golf balls any good?”

Today’s Leading Noodle Golf Balls

The TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball

The TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball is an exceptional option for golfers who value distance and soft feel simultaneously. Crafted to deliver impressive length off of the tee while remaining responsive on greens. So, what or who makes Noodle golf balls worth playing? The answer is TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball.

Key Features of This Product

  • Long and Straight: Engineered to deliver exceptional distance, the Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball allows golfers to achieve long and straight shots with precision and control.
  • Soft Feel: Golfers love its soft feel which makes it the ideal option for short-game shots requiring precision and control.
  • Durable Cover: With its durable cover, this golf ball ensures its performance is not diminished after multiple uses.

TaylorMade Noodle Neon Matte Lime Green Golf Ball

Who makes Noodle golf balls worth playing? If you want a golf ball that stands out and performs well on the course, the TaylorMade Noodle Neon Matte Lime Green Golf Ball may be just what you’re after. Boasting its vibrant lime green hue, you won’t lose track of where your ball has gone when out playing a round or at tournaments. So, are Noodle golf balls good? You can decide for yourself after reading this.

Key Features of This Product

  • High Visibility: With its matte lime green coloring and excellent visibility, this ball makes tracking it much simpler both during flight and on the fairway.
  • Distance and Control: Providing optimal distance control without compromising playability or distance range capabilities, this ball is suitable for golfers of all skill levels.
  • Aerodynamic Design: TaylorMade’s Noodle Easy Distance Golf Ball’s dimple pattern was carefully created to maximize aerodynamics for longer and straighter shots. Now, you can understand what or who makes Noodle golf balls so badass!

The TaylorMade Noodle Easy Distance Golf Ball

These dimpled spheres live up to their name by making distance-gaining easier, without compromising control. If you wanna know who makes Noodle golf balls so much fun to play with, try this product ASAP. Try Noodle Soft Golf balls after reading this description.

Key Features of This Product

  • Maximum Distance Off Tee: This golf ball is optimized to cover more ground when driven off of a tee thus giving golfers maximum distance off each tee shot.
  • Responsive Feel: Though designed for distance golfing, the Noodle Easy Distance Golf Ball features an inviting feel around the green, making short game shots easier and affordably priced. It’s an ideal option for budget-minded golfers.
  • Affordability: These balls make an affordable selection that’s attractive to budget golfers looking for quality performance in their game.
Many Youtubers have covered topics like who makes Noodle golf balls and are they any good


In conclusion, Noodle golf balls have a storied history that’s been shaped by several well-known manufacturers, with TaylorMade being the primary producer. As one of the most popular budget-friendly golf balls on the market, Noodle balls offer quality performance and durability for golfers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Noodle golf balls can provide you with a reliable and affordable option to enhance your game. So, if you’re in the market for a solid golf ball that won’t break the bank, Noodle is certainly a brand worth considering.

FAQs – Who Makes Noodle Golf Balls?

Who manufactures Noodle golf balls?

Noodle golf balls are manufactured by TaylorMade Golf Company, an industry giant and leader known for its commitment to producing innovative golf equipment and accessories that are of superior quality for golfers worldwide. They’re the best golf balls for beginners and golfers with a high handicap. That’s why they’re described as forgiving and durable. So, if someone asks who makes Noodle golf balls, tell them it’s a Korean-American firm called TaylorMade.

How to describe Noodle golf balls?

TaylorMade developed Noodle Golf balls as part of their Noodle range to offer distance, soft feel, and visibility features for golfers based on model type in this collection of golf balls. The Noodle Soft Golf Balls give low compression. The compression of Noodle golf balls lies at a scale of 60 or 70. This low compression of Noodle golf balls is a reason why amateur golfers with lower swing speeds like it so much.

Are Noodle Golf Balls Illegal in 2024?

TaylorMade’s Noodle golf balls conform to all regulations established for tournament play by golf’s governing bodies and thus can be safely utilized at official golf tournaments without concern regarding their legality. You may feel confident using them during official golf events without concern over the legalities of using Noodle golf balls for tournament play. Who makes Noodle golf balls? TaylorMade, a reputable company with many approved balls in the USGA conforming golf ball list.

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