difference between men's and women's golf balls Is there a difference between men's and women's golf balls? What's the difference between men's and women's golf balls?


Golf is a game of skill, strategy, and precision, open to players of all sexes and genders. Even though golf has historically been male-dominated since its inception in ancient Scotland, female players now make up 25% of all players in the United States. During the pandemic, many ladies took a keen interest in this gentlemen’s game and now it’s equally popular among the fairer sex. Women have achieved great success and recognition in golf, showcasing how this wonderful, elegant game knows no gender boundaries. Are golf rules different for men and women though? Is there a difference between men’s and women’s golf balls? Let’s find out.

The difference between men’s and women’s golf balls

Is the golf same for men and women?

There exists some difference between men’s and women’s golf balls, golf clubs, and many other pieces of equipment. However, first, we must discuss how the game of golf in general varies for male and female patrons. We all know that different sports don’t allow male and female players to compete against each other, such as tennis, football, and cricket. In professional golf, there’s a difference between men’s and women’s tournaments even though the rules of the game stay the same.

Major tournaments

Men and women have different major tournaments. For instance, men have The Masters, the U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship. On \the other hand, female players can participate in the ANA Inspiration, the U.S. Women’s Open, the Women’s British Open, and the Evian Championship. That’s where the difference between men’s and women’s golf balls really becomes apparent.

Course length

Men’s golf courses are longer than women’s courses. That’s because male golfers typically hit the ball farther than their female counterparts. For instance, different studies and surveys show that men drive the golf ball 215 yards on average while women get 150 yards. However, women can always surpass men with enough training because – as we’ve stated in the very beginning – golf is a game of skill and strength.

Purse size

Men’s tournaments have historically had larger prize purses than women’s tournaments. That’s because male golfers gain more traction and their tournaments are watched by more people. As per an estimate, purses for male players can reach up to $75 million while prizes for the women players don’t go beyond $11 million. But the USGA plans to move it toward $12 million in the next few years.

Number of holes

Some female tournaments will be played over fewer holes than men’s tournaments. If men have to play over 72 holes, for instance, women’s standard tournaments will have just 54 holes. In the words of golf coach Brian Nilsson.

“Most of the women don’t generate the same clubhead speed as the men. So they also generate less spin. And the flight on their shots is generally lower and flatter, the ball releasing more after it lands.”


Tee boxes

Another noticeable difference between men’s and women’s golf tournaments is the position of the tee boxes. Even in casual play, women play from tee boxes located pretty close to the hole. However, for men, the tee boxes are located at a farther distance. This alteration compensates for the difference in average driving distance between men and women.

Bear in mind that these differences only apply to professional and competitive golf. So, if you’re playing casual, friendly, or recreational golf then you don’t have to follow these rules. Men and women can always enjoy playing with a variety of tee options. Golf is a game appreciated for its gender-neutral playing style, letting people of all ages and genders have a good time.

Women’s golf balls have lower compression ratings to accommodate their slower swing speeds

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s golf balls?

Now, is there a difference between men’s and women’s golf balls? The main difference between men’s and women’s golf balls lies in how they’re designed and manufactured. Here’s how men’s and women’s golf balls are different:

Compression rating

Men’s golf balls have a higher compression rating i.e., these balls are tighter in construction. As men play with faster swing speeds, they need spheres with higher compression ratings. Women have slower swing speeds so they require golf balls with lower compression ratings (typically in the range of 30 to 70) i.e., softer balls; these balls require less energy to cover larger distances.

Core design

Men prefer balls with a harder, larger core so they can generate more distance with their higher swing speeds. However, women’s golf balls are designed with a softer core. That’s why female golf balls have a softer feel and cover larger distances with their slower swing speeds. Usually, ladies’ golf balls are 22% softer than men’s golf balls.

Dimple pattern

The dimple pattern on a men’s golf ball is optimized for higher flight and control. So, when male players hit golf balls with more energy, they cover larger distances. However, women’s golf balls will go with a dimple pattern designed for a higher launch angle and greater carry distance. That is how women with slower swing speeds easily compete in golf tournaments.

Feel and durability

Men’s golf balls are bestowed with a softer cover for better spin and stopping power. But ladies’ golf balls go with durability, as these balls are often played with by beginners and players with slower swing speeds. Women players prefer golf balls that can withstand mishits.

Color options

So, what’s the difference between men’s and women’s golf balls that can be easily noticed? It’s the color! While men’s golf balls come in white and yellow, women’s golf balls cater to brighter colors, more appealing to female players. Pink, blue, orange, lavender, and many other colors suit women players, making the game more appealing to them.

Don’t forget that these variations aren’t rigidly tied to gender. You need to choose golf balls according to your swing speed, playing style, and preferences. It’s ideal to get fitted for golf balls based on your specific needs and abilities. That’s how you can be a better player.

Women Golf Balls to Buy

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In a nutshell, there’s a key difference between men’s and women’s golf balls, golf clubs, and other requirements. This difference is primarily connected to the ball’s design and construction. Ladies’ golf balls are manufactured to compensate for their shorter driving distance, tailored to accommodate their swing speed and playing style. Women’s golf balls will have a typically lower compression rating with a softer feel for increased distance. For further information, understand the difference between soft golf balls and hard golf balls. Bear in mind that you should choose the right golf ball that suits your unique playing style.

Men’s and women’s golf clubs compared

FAQs – Difference between men’s and women’s golf balls

Are there differences in the feel of men’s and women’s golf balls?

Yes, women’s golf balls are often designed to provide a softer feel upon impact, which can be more forgiving for slower swing speeds. Men’s golf balls, on the other hand, may feel firmer to accommodate faster swing speeds.

What are the key differences between men’s and women’s golf balls?

The primary differences between men’s and women’s golf balls lie in their construction and design. Women’s golf balls are often designed with lower compression to account for slower swing speeds, while men’s golf balls typically have higher compression for faster swing speeds.

How do the dimple patterns of men’s and women’s golf balls differ?

Dimple patterns on golf balls can affect aerodynamics and flight characteristics. Women’s golf balls may have dimple patterns that are designed to reduce drag and optimize lift for slower swing speeds, while men’s golf balls may have dimple patterns that are tailored to faster swing speeds for maximum distance and control.

Do women’s golf balls make a difference?

Women’s golf balls do make an obvious difference for female golfers. Their design takes into account specific needs and preferences such as slower swing speeds and the desire for greater control and feel.

Do women’s golf balls travel shorter distances than men’s golf balls?

Women’s golf balls are designed to maximize distance for slower swing speeds, so they may not travel as far as men’s golf balls when struck with a faster swing. However, the difference in distance is typically minimal for recreational golfers.

Can men use women’s golf balls, and vice versa?

While there is no rule prohibiting men from using women’s golf balls, and vice versa, it is generally recommended to use golf balls that are suited to your swing speed and playing style. Using a golf ball with the appropriate compression can help optimize performance.

Why isn’t golf unisex?

Golf has long been considered an activity geared more towards male participants due to differences in physical strength and playing styles, however, recently there has been a shift towards gender-neutral policies on many golf courses and organizations. Remember that any sort of discrimination against female golfers is wrong, unethical, and not sportsmanlike.

How can you tell the difference between golf balls?

Golf balls feature brand and model names to identify them quickly and accurately, while color and dimple count may also vary between models; reading packaging or conducting online research will allow you to easily spot differences.

Golf isn’t just a men’s sport anymore, it’s equally enjoyed by both sexes

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