Best golf balls for beginners

7 Top Golf Balls For Budget-Conscious Golfers In 2024

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1.      Introduction

Do you know what makes you an amazing golfer? It’s not just your skills or how much practice you have. You also need to buy top-quality equipment, choose the right season for playing, and become familiar with your nearby golf course’s layout. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert golfer, it’s important to have the best golf balls in reserve. So, this piece will help you find the most suitable and budget-friendly dimpled sphere available on Amazon. Go through the products we’ve reviewed here and choose the top golf balls to accompany you in the next round.

Expensive balls aren’t always the right choice for a golfer, especially any newcomer to this sport. It’s also recommended that you invest in economical dimpled spheres in your first turn because golfers tend to lose their golf balls… a lot. No wonder professional golfers use more than six dozen balls per season and end up having to purchase five to six dozen of them annually. So, be smart when you go shopping, and invest in budget-friendly dimpled spheres. Golf balls that are easy on your wallet are the best for a fun, friendly game. So, let’s start reviewing these beauties.

1.1.                        A Quick View Of Best Golf Balls

Before we delve deeper into reviewing these products, here’s a brief breakdown of these things. So, go through this small list first and then decide if you want to invest in these Amazon beauties or not. Make a decision after checking out the buying guide. Happy shopping, fellows! 😀

Titleist Pro V1More information
Callaway Golf 2022 Chrome SoftMore information
Bridgestone Golf 2022 Tour B XS TrifectaMore information
Vice Pro White Golf BallsMore information
WILSON Staff ZipMore information
TaylorMade Golf RocketballzMore information
Srixon Q-Star Tour DivideMore information

2.      Top Golf Balls: Reviews, Pros, And Cons

Let’s discuss which golf balls you should buy to bolster your skills. This section will take you through a list of seven top golf balls available to buy on Amazon. We’ve selected these products after careful analyses. So, you can buy them without giving it a second thought. All of these beauties are the best golf balls you can buy on a budget. But you should choose only one and stick with that brand for some time. So, here’s the greatest list of “best budget golf balls” you can find on Golfing Gimmicks:

2.1.                        Titleist Pro V1

We’re talking about the most popular golf ball in the history of this sport. It’s preferred by professionals and beginners alike. Whenever you create a list of top golf balls, you gotta include this Urethane-covered beauty. It comes in two colors, white and yellow, and a pack of a dozen costs $29.99 (because these are used, refurbished golf balls). But any golfer worth their salt would tell you that even secondhand Pro V1 balls are much better than many famous brands out there (except for the ones mentioned here).

This particular product is manufactured by the ‎Acushnet Company, not in China or Europe. So, purchase this proud American-made product made for both men and women (only adults, not kids). It offers good distance, very low spin, better control, and consistent performance on the golf course. It’s one of the best golf balls for beginners. If you want to know its history then read our article on Pro V1 balls.

2.1.1.        Pros

  • These are used but genuine Titleist Pro V1 golf balls, much better than all that garbage you can buy online for the same price.
  • The value of these balls drops very slowly so you can sell them a year later to somebody else.
  • These balls are high-quality orbs and their durability makes them much more attractive.
  • You can achieve the maximum distance by using Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.
  • The seller will deliver these beauties to your home in less than 10 days.
  • It’s used by 40% of pro golfers and Pro V1x claims the 2nd place.

2.1.2.        Cons

  • Used, refurbished balls. They may seem like someone just grabbed them off the ground.
  • Quality golf balls like Pro V1 or Pro V1x are expensive so losing them can disappoint your wallet.

2.2.                        Callaway Golf 2022 Chrome Soft

As the second-most popular brand of golf balls out there, Callaway does make expensive yet amazing orbs. They give you better control, offer a good distance off the tee, and feel amazing in your hands. That is why we regard them as some of the best golf balls for beginners and professionals alike. They cost less than $200 for a pack of 48 Callaway golf balls, boasting that “Chrome Soft” making that was released back in 2022. If you’re a Premium member, Amazon will ship this product to your home within two days. With that white color and rubbery feel – combined with Callaway’s precision technology – these orbs are the top golf balls for a person like you.

2.2.1.        Pros

  • Offers just the right amount of softness and feels comfy in your hands
  • One of the top golf balls out there with amazing quality
  • Good distance off the tee and great control
  • Durable orbs and forgivable for beginners
  • The patriotic theme looks kinda dope

2.2.2.        Cons

  • At less than $50 a dozen, they are a little expensive

2.3.                        Bridgestone Golf 2022 Tour B XS Trifecta

Okay, this one’s a unique product. Bridgestone is known to make golf balls used by professionals. That’s why Tour B CS Trifecta orbs are some of the top golf balls out there. However, they might not be the best golf balls for beginners. So, if you’re a newcomer to this sport then stay away from this one.

If you aren’t a beginner then do consider investing in this gorgeous product. They have heavily positive reviews, so positive that even Reddit has fallen in love with Bridgestone. The New Tour B ball comes with the “REACTIV iQ” technology that is supposed to make it smarter. In non-marketing terms, it means that this ball rebounds quickly on tee shots, delivering explosive velocity and increased distance.

It provides you with more spin and a soft feel around the greens. Also, it has the celebrated dual dimple technology that reduces drag through better aerodynamics. It’s not easy on the bank though.

2.3.1.        Pros

  • I couldn’t find any solid negative reviews for this product
  • Tiger Woods uses this one in professional competitions
  • Made by Bridgestone, the best ball fitter out there
  • A single ball weighs 4 pounds
  • Good distance off the tee
  • Amazing control
  • Softer feel

2.3.2.        Cons

  • They cost over $3 per ball so, yeah, kinda expensive

2.4.                        Vice Pro White Golf Balls

If you are looking for cheap golf balls that perform exceptionally well then choose Vice products. You can 24 of these amazing rubber-made golf balls for less than $55, delivered to your home address within one week. These balls have a Polyurethane cover with 318 dimples, making them some of the top golf balls on the market right now. Each golf ball costs less than $3, an easy bargain for a beginner.

2.4.1.        Pros

  • Its performance of “approach shots and short pitch shots” is spectacular”
  • Affordable balls that perform like their pricier alternatives
  • Great quality, some of the best golf balls out there
  • Very soft feel around the greens
  • Drive straight and decent

2.4.2.        Cons

  • Prone to damage quite easily and sometimes bursts open after frequent use

2.5.                        WILSON Staff Zip

So, what’s with Wilson Staff Zip golf balls? Yes, they’re inexpensive, lightweight, provide great spin, feel good to fondle, drive longer than average balls, and have great aerodynamics. That’s why they’re some of the top golf balls out there as well as #5 on our list of “best budget golf balls”. They cost like $34.99 for a pack of two dozen dimpled spheres. So, do give them a shot when looking for good golf balls.

We’ve written an article on Wilson Chaos golf balls so do read it after going through this article.

2.5.1.        Pros

  • Not expensive at all (one ball costs less than $1.5)
  • Lightweight products (each ball is 2 pounds)
  • Made from synthetic materials (composite)
  • Unique dimple pattern (302 PhD)
  • Excellent feel around the greens
  • Flies longer than other balls
  • Zero compression core

2.5.2.        Cons

  • Sometimes they ship you only 12 balls after promising two dozen

2.6.                        TaylorMade Golf Rocketballz

After writing 100 articles on golf balls, I’ve grown quite fond of TaylorMade. It’s one of the most trusted brands out there and, if you read the USGA’s list of conforming golf balls, it mentions TaylorMade around 175 times. Now, that’s what I call an honorable mention! Wink, wink.

But there’s another reason why TaylorMade golf balls are deemed the best. Each TaylorMade golf ball costs less than $2 and you can buy a pack of two dozen dimpled spheres at $49.99, making them one of the best budget golf balls out there. They have a soft Ionomer cover. Premium members can get them within two days. They’re the best balls for beginners. Hella affordable!

2.6.1.        Pros

  • Surprisingly above-average quality
  • Good for practice sessions
  • Affordable for a beginner
  • Feels good in your hands
  • Average distance

2.6.2.        Cons

  • They are made of plastic so…
  • Not very durable while shipping

2.7.                        Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide

Optimizing distance with a thin cover and larger core, these golf balls are manufactured by Srixon. Srixon holds the most patents for golf ball construction today and has customers all over America. They aren’t as distance-enhancing as Titleist or Wilson products, but they offer other benefits lacking in some of the most popular products out there. Available in red and yellow, these balls are made of Polyurethane. The 100% Matte Urethane cover makes sure these beauties stay below 1 pound.

They are available at $24.99 per pack of twelve balls, delivered to your doorsteps in a week. Also, they’re adorned with 338 dimples to ascertain a penetrating ball flight on a golf course.

2.7.1.        Pros

  • Allows you to line up putts with amazing feedback
  • A rubbery cover that will feel great off the tea
  • Immense durability and peak performance
  • Its color and appearance both are good
  • Amazing visibility and easy-to-track

2.7.2.        Cons

  • Flittering effect on ball movement
  • Gives you a softer feel (“feel like marshmallows”)

3.      Buying Guide – Finding The Best Budget Golf Balls

Consider two friends named Alan and James. Alan bought Pro V1x as an amateur, practiced with it for a couple of months, and gradually worked up his golf skills. James thought that he would try practicing with Pro V1x as well. However, he spent almost a year without getting any meaningful results. He was still a bad golfer even after getting more practice out of it than Alan. Where did he go wrong?

James made a colossal mistake; didn’t realize that Alan’s swing speed was already better when he was a beginner at golf. So, he only needed to practice for a few months with a hard golf ball. However, James had a terrible swing speed and needed to practice with soft golf balls first. Since he directly transitioned from level zero to Pro V1x – the best golf ball for pro golfers – he didn’t make any real progress.

You should take a page out of James’s experiences. Learn the difference between regular golf balls and practice golf balls first. Choosing the best golf balls for beginners means selecting a ball that aligns with your characteristics. You can’t just randomly pick a golf ball without looking at its stats. So, this section will cover some essential factors to ponder when you’re shopping online for golf-related products:

3.1.                        Feel

Are you more comfortable with soft golf balls or hard golf balls? Soft golf balls, like the foam ones, are filled with soft materials that make them lightweight and safe for use inside your home. You can safely practice with them since they can’t hurt anyone or cover a lot of distance. Even traditional golf balls have softer or harder feels. Some golfers prefer a softer feel for better feedback on their shots, while others may prefer a firmer feel for increased durability and distance.

3.2.                        Price

We know that the best golf balls are heavier on the wallet. So, make sure you’re investing in something affordable and budget-friendly. Remember that buying a golf ball isn’t a one-time payment; you have to keep purchasing that thing over and over. Best budget golf balls often cost less than 30$ per a pack of dozen.

3.3.                        Spin

The amount of spin a ball generates can affect both distance and control. High-spin balls provide greater control around the greens but sacrifice some distance off the tee. Low-spin balls, however, are designed for maximum distance but may be harder to control on approach shots. You should check your posture, body language, and overall body mass before choosing what kind of spin you’re comfortable with.

3.4.                        Construction

Golf balls come in various constructions, including two-piece, three-piece, and multi-layer constructions. Each construction type offers different combinations of distance, feel, and control. Two-piece balls are often known for distance, while multi-layer balls provide a balance of distance and control. Modern golf balls are made with Urethane and Surlyn, but you can find some made from eco-friendly materials.

3.5.                        Compression Rating

Golf ball compression refers to the degree to which a dimpled sphere compresses upon impact. Lower compression balls are softer and compress more easily, making them suitable for slower swing speeds. Higher compression balls are firmer and better for faster swing speeds. These ratings range from 30 to 120; 30 indicates the lowest compression while 120 signifies the highest compression rating.

3.6.                        Swing Speed

Your swing speed is a critical factor in determining the right golf ball. Golf balls are categorized based on compression, and players with faster swing speeds often benefit from higher compression balls for better energy transfer, while slower swing speeds may benefit from lower compression for added distance.

3.7.                        Skill Level

Different golf balls are designed to cater to various skill levels. Beginners may benefit from balls that offer forgiveness and distance, while more advanced players might prefer balls that provide greater control and feel around the greens. So, you should buy a golf ball based on your experience and skill level.

4.      Conclusion

This article discussed some of the best golf balls for beginners to help amateur golfers improve their skills. We’ve gone through seven top golf balls available for purchase on Amazon. All of these beauties have awesome reviews, amazing benefits, and affordable prices. But don’t forget to go through the accompanying buying guide as well to check which factors to consider when shopping for balls.

The best budget golf balls are right there on Amazon. But you gotta experiment with them all to find out which brand suits you the best. We hope you’ll decide which balls to buy after careful consideration.

5.      FAQs – Top Golf Balls To Purchase In 2024

5.1.                        Which golf ball does Tiger Woods use?

Honestly, Tiger Woods uses a collection of different golf balls. However, since he’s probably the most famous golfer in recent history, he endorses certain brands for monetary benefits. That’s why whenever you search this question, Google will tell you that Woods uses Bridgestone Tour B XS. In reality, the ball that made Woods who he is today is Nike Tour Accuracy.

5.2.                        Which golf ball does travel the farthest?

Well, every golf ball claims (for marketing purposes) that it travels the farthest. However, golfers believe that Titleist Pro V1x gives the most distance on the green.

5.3.                        Do golf balls really make a difference?

Yeah, they do make a difference; choosing the right golf ball is important to perform exceptionally well on the green. If you gave Tiger Woods a ball he’s never used before, even he would falter. Quoting from a Golfing Gimmicks article, “…the choice of a golf ball does impact various aspects of your performance, including distance, accuracy, spin control, and feel.”

5.4.                        Do expensive golf balls make a difference?

When discussing the issue of the best golf balls, you gotta remember that expensive golf balls do offer a few advantages over inexpensive dimpled spheres. They’ll offer higher spin rates off the tee and around the greens, allowing for better distance control. That’s why you should keep expensive balls in reserve in case you have to win a bet with friends.

5.5.                        Do taller people hit golf balls farther?

You’d expect us to make fun of this question, right? Well, it’s true. Taller people are capable of hitting a golf ball much farther than shorter individuals. That’s because they have more limb length, mass, and overall body strength. That’s just like basketball players take advantage of their height. But you can still overcome this handicap if you’re shorter by working on your golf skills and choosing a more suitable golf ball.

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