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Mastering the Basics: How to Hit a Golf Ball Beginner-Style

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Do you wish to learn how to hit a golf ball the right way? You may often say to yourself, “Why can’t I hit a golf ball?” A lot of amateur golfers complain that they can’t seem to hit a golf ball at all. If you’re a beginner struggling with this aspect of golfing then we’re here to help. This very simple article will explain to you how to hit a golf ball beginner-style. Hopefully, our tips will help you become a better golfer.

Part 1: Getting into Position

Now, let’s get you into position, shall we? We’re going to share some valuable tips on how to hit a golf ball like a pro golfer. So, here are some important steps to improve your stance. You can also refer to our previous articles on how to boost your stance and posture.

Step 1: Set Your Stance

Start by setting an expansive stance, slightly wider than your shoulders, to provide a solid platform for longer swings like when using longer clubs like drivers.

Step 2: Ball Placement

Align the ball with the inside of your dominant foot. Placing it forward ensures your driver hits it on its upswing, decreasing spin and producing straighter drives.

Step 3: Grip Like a Pro

Hold your driver like a baseball bat with your dominant hand in front. Experiment with interlocking your little finger with a non-dominant hand for added comfort and stability.

Step 4: Optimal Driver Distance

Hold your driver 10-12 inches away from you to create enough space to ensure an efficient swing execution and prevent poor start of swing mechanics.

Step 5: Perfect Tee Height

Teeing the ball high allows for an upward swing and increased distance and accuracy in shots taken from a 2.75-inch tee.

Part 2: Swinging the Club

Now, you understand how to hit a golf ball beginner-style. However, swinging the golf club is an aspect of golfing amateurs shouldn’t underestimate. You can hit the ball the right way when you learn how to swing the golf club.

Step 1: Aim for Success

Select an inaccessible target (perhaps an area such as a tree or bunker rather than just down the fairway) as your aim is to help align and initiate an accurate swing. This sets you up perfectly.

Step 2: Loosen Up with Waggle

Before initiating a backswing, practice waggle-wagging the club back and forth to loosen your body up before back swinging. Maintaining control while creating fluid movement is key for an optimal swing experience.

Step 3: Mastering the Backswing

Keep balanced, slow your backswing down, and take time for yourself at the top of your backswing to pause at its completion. Doing this ensures accurate swings during downswing with powerful results.

Step 4: Controlled Downswing

Shift your weight forward, use a sweeping motion, and maintain arm speed during the downswing. Now, this method provides more lift with reduced spin, improving overall drive.

Step 5: Follow Through

After hitting a shot, ensure a complete follow-through. Your weight should rest on your lead foot with your arms continuing their sweeping movement to promote an efficient swing tempo and accuracy.

The Takeaway: Hitting a Driver

That’s what you should do when you’re trying to learn how to hit a golf ball beginner-style. But remember to keep yourself centered during each swing. Don’t forget to adjust your center of gravity as necessary, focusing on creating an elegant yet controlled motion. Now, you won’t be saying “Why can’t I hit a golf ball?” anymore.

Different Types of Golf Swings

The best tips on how to hit a golf ball lie in learning the different types of golf swings. So, you gotta understand how to swing that thing properly. If you want to learn how to hit a golf ball beginner-style, focus on these simple suggestions.


As with the other techniques in golf, driving involves using a driver as its longest club for maximum distance off of the tee. To maximize this shot, positioning the ball forward in one’s stance facilitates an optimal shot with clean strikes from powerful swings that propel it further along its intended course. That’s how you can learn how to hit a golf ball beginner-style. Drive the way a professional does. You won’t be saying “Why can’t I hit a golf ball?” after you have memorized all these recommendations.


A mastery of the putting swing is an integral skill on any green, emphasizing precision and finesse over distance. Instead of looking solely at distance, its primary objective should be accurately controlling how your ball rolls toward its target hole. Golfers must develop an acute sense of reading slopes on the green to effectively navigate this portion of their game; contours greatly impact its course. Putts require shorter, controlled swings to guarantee accuracy over longer distances on putting surfaces.


Chipping involves performing short-range shots with precision in mind. Chipping can be used when golfers require greater control than is available with putting; chippers use an abbreviated swing and have narrower stances for greater ball control during short-range situations e.g., a close pin. Chipping allows greater control over the trajectory and landing of shots when used effectively near greens or when needing greater accuracy from putting alone. Read our blog on the best position for pitching and chipping after finishing this one.

Flop Shot

The flop shot is an effective golf swing designed for use when facing challenging terrain or some obstacles near the green, e.g., over bunkers or around hazards nearing it. Golfers use this style when needing their ball to quickly ascend before softly landing; such situations might include traversing over bunkers or dodging hazards that threaten greenside playability. You won’t have to worry about how to hit a golf ball beginner-style after reading this piece.


A punch shot can help golfers combat windy conditions or navigate obstacles more successfully by keeping the ball low to the ground, creating an abbreviated swing and keeping their hands in front of impact, keeping its trajectory as low as possible for cutting through wind currents or clearing obstacles, and giving an advantage in certain playing scenarios. We’re sure that now you’re going to implement these tips on how to hit a golf ball.


What did we learn about how to hit a golf ball beginner-style? Well, we shared some tips to help you hit the ball like a professional. We explained to you how to grab and swing the club properly as well. These recommendations are very necessary if you want to become an active golfer. So, read this piece again and again. Embrace these tips like an expert. That’s how you can fully and generously enjoy this sport.

Golf Ball Hitting Mastery: FAQs and Expert Tips

How to Hit a Golf Ball for Beginners?

For beginners, focus on:

  • Proper Stance: Wider than shoulders for stability.
  • Correct Grip: Like shaking hands with the club.
  • Smooth Swing: Prioritize control over power initially.

How to Consistently Hit a Golf Ball?

Establishing Consistency

  • Repetition: Practice regularly to develop muscle memory.
  • Routine: Create a pre-shot routine for a consistent approach.
  • Focused Mindset: Stay mentally present on each shot.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Low Under Trees?

Mastering the Punch Shot

  • Choose Low Lofted Club: Use a less lofted club like a 7 iron.
  • Ball Back in Stance: Position the ball farther back.
  • Three-Quarter Swing: Shorten your backswing for control.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Out of the Sand?

Perfecting Bunker Shots

  • Open Clubface: Enhance the loft by opening the clubface.
  • Wide Stance: Provide stability in the sandy surface.
  • Splash Technique: Hit the sand behind the ball for lift.

How to Aim When Hitting a Golf Ball?

Precision in Alignment

  • Pick a Target: Aim at a specific point in the distance.
  • Parallel Alignment: Ensure feet, hips, and shoulders align parallel.
  • Commit to the Line: Trust your chosen target line.

How to Hit a Golf Ball 200, 250, 300, 400 Yards?

Tailoring Your Shots

  • Club Selection: Choose appropriate clubs for the desired distance.
  • Swing Speed: Increase clubhead speed for more distance.
  • Efficient Mechanics: Focus on a fluid and efficient swing.

How to Hit a Golf Ball in Wet Conditions?

Navigating the Rain

  • Higher Lofted Clubs: Opt for the higher loft to combat wet conditions.
  • Balanced Stance: Widen your stance for stability.
  • Smooth Tempo: Maintain a controlled swing tempo.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Left-Handed?

Left-Handed Techniques

  • Correct Grip: Ensure a proper left-handed grip.
  • Mirror Swing: Reverse the swing mechanics for left-handed play.
  • Balance and Coordination: Develop left-handed balance and coordination.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Low Into the Wind?

Battling the Breeze

  • Lower Lofted Club: Choose a lower lofted club for reduced lift.
  • Ball Position Back: Place the ball farther back in your stance.
  • Strong Grip: Grip the club slightly stronger to control the shot.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Off a Mat?

Mat-Specific Techniques

  • Divot-Like Motion: Simulate a divot by brushing the mat.
  • Proper Impact Position: Ensure a downward strike on the ball.
  • Mat-Friendly Clubs: Use forgiving clubs suitable for mats.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Off a Tee?

Tee Shots Mastery

  • Optimal Tee Height: Adjust tee height based on the club.
  • Upward Swing: Capitalize on the tee for an upward strike.
  • Driver Setup: Tee the ball higher for a driver.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Off the Ground?

Solid Strikes from the Fairway

  • Appropriate Club Selection: Choose the right club for the distance.
  • Ball Position Centered: Position the ball in the middle of your stance.
  • Shallow Angle of Attack: Aim for a shallow angle to avoid digging.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Out of Heavy Rough?

Conquering Thick Grass

  • Higher Lofted Club: Use a lofted club for a better lift.
  • Open Clubface: Prevent grass interference by opening the face.
  • Aggressive Swing: Generate more power to escape heavy rough.

How to Practice Hitting Golf Balls into a Net?

Effective Net Practice

  • Target Visualization: Imagine a target for every shot.
  • Varied Clubs: Practice with different clubs for versatility.
  • Feedback Tools: Use alignment aids for precise practice.

How to Properly Hit a Golf Ball with a Driver?

Driver Dominance

  • Correct Setup: Focus on an optimal stance and alignment.
  • Upward Strike: Hit the ball on the upswing for distance.
  • Smooth Swing: Balance power with control for accuracy.

How to Properly Hit a Golf Ball with an Iron?

Iron Mastery

  • Balanced Stance: Ensure stability for iron shots.
  • Downward Strike: Strike down on the ball for crisp contact.
  • Club Selection: Choose irons based on distance and accuracy.

How to Set Up to Hit a Golf Ball?

Foundation for Success

  • Stance Width: Adjust based on the club and shot type.
  • Alignment Precision: Align feet, hips, and shoulders accurately.
  • Visualize the Shot: Picture the intended shot path before swinging.

How to Stop Hitting a Golf Ball on the Right?

Correcting Rightward Shots

  • Check Grip: Ensure a neutral grip to prevent slices.
  • Alignment Inspection: Confirm proper alignment to the target.
  • Club Path Analysis: Assess the swing path for corrections.

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