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Having an excellent golf towel by your side is essential for keeping clubs clean, not to mention providing some relief from the scorching summer heat. But not every golf towel is created equally. Some feature an ideal hole right in the center that makes hanging it from your bag easier. So, how to properly use a golf towel with a hole in the middle? Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newcomer to this hobby, these tips will ensure your towel remains accessible and usable during every round.

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What is a golf towel?

In simple words, a golf towel is an accessory used by golfers to wipe dirt, grass, and moisture from their golf clubs and golf balls. This small, absorbent towel is designed for easy carrying on the golf course. Attached to your bag for easy access, it can be used to clean your hands as well during a round of golf. These towels come in many sizes, shapes, and designs; you can get a center-cut golf towel, a golf towel with slit, or a golf towel with a hole in the middle. Some towels also come with a clip or grommet so they can be easily attached to your golf bag or belt loop.

How to hang a golf towel with a hole in the middle?

What are some benefits of golf towels?

Even though we’ve already mentioned briefly a few reasons why golf towels are necessary, there’s no harm in repeating the benefits of using these accessories again.

Club cleaning

Cleaning the clubheads is the major reason why golf towels are necessary. Well-cleaned clubs make better contact with the golf ball, ensuring optimal performance during a game.

Ball cleaning

Clean golf balls roll more smoothly on the green, offering better results and a longer lifespan. That’s why golfers always keep a quality towel at hand to wipe dirt from their balls.

Improved grip

Moisture on your clubs can lead to slipping and mishits. You can maintain a dry grip on your clubs, even in hot and humid conditions, by using a golf towel to keep your golf grips dry. Also, consider regripping your golf grips for better performance.

Hand and face wiping

Golf towels keep you comfortable on the field as you can easily wipe your hands and face, especially when it’s hot and sweaty outside.

Professional appearance

A golf towel – mainly, a golf towel with a hole in the middle – has become a part of every golfer’s attire. It’s like an unspoken rule in the community that you should bring a towel with you, thereby contributing to a polished, professional façade.

Course etiquette

Aside from contributing to a professional appearance, it’s also a part of the course etiquette to bring a golf towel. It keeps your equipment clean and allows for fair play.

In short, golf towels help you maintain your performance by keeping your equipment clean, serving as an essential accessory for accomplished golfers. That’s why you should always carry a towel in your bag whenever you’re out with your pals on the green.

What are some ways of hanging a golf towel?

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Hanging your golf towel is very easy and we can mention half a dozen ways of hanging it. Here are a few ways you can keep your golf towel close by:

Towel clip

A golf towel ring or clip is the easiest way to keep these necessary accessories accessible all the time. That’s a lot of towels come with built-in clips or grommets. You can simply attach the towels to your golf bag using this small clip.

Belt loop

Use stuff like golf towel hooks or a small clip to attach the towel to your belt loop or pants. Even Velcro or a carabiner will be quite helpful in keeping your golf towel within arm’s reach.

Golf cart

Hang the towel on your golf cart’s railings or handles for easy, quick access. This way, you can easily move around the golf course while keeping your towel accessible all the time.

Golf push cart

If you’re traversing the field with a push cart then consider hanging the towel in the push cart’s accessory holder. It’s a safe place to keep your towels and retrieve them whenever you need to clean something.

Back pocket

You can go civilian here and place your golf towel in your back pocket after folding it neatly. But bear in mind that this isn’t a very great way to keep your towels clean when it’s sweaty out there.

Shoulder strap

Drape the golf towel over your golf bag’s shoulder strap. This way, your golf clubs won’t get cluttered and you’ll have easy access to your golf towel all the time.

Golf glove

It’s a very uncommon method but many golfers prefer to attach the golf towel to their gloves with a small clip or Velcro. This makes the towel easily accessible to them while playing an intense game.

Just make sure you’ve chosen the most convenient and comfortable method of hanging your golf towel. That’s how you can have easy access to your golf towel throughout a round.

What is the hole in the middle of a golf towel for?

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So, why do golf towels have a hole in the middle, and what purpose does this opening serve? Well, this hole serves a very functional purpose i.e., it’s a grommet (“a ring or edge strip inserted into a hole through thin material” – Wikipedia) or reinforced hole that lets you attach the towel easily to your golf bag, belt look, or other parts of your golfing gear. This attachment point keeps the towel easily accessible throughout the game, not letting it fall to the ground or get lost during the round. If it weren’t for that tiny little hole, you may have lost dozens of towels in your whole golfing career!

How to hang a golf towel with a hole in the middle?

If you wish to know how to secure a golf towel with a hole in the middle, go through the tips we’ve shared below. You can easily hang a towel like this by following these simple procedures:

Gather the materials

You’d need these materials to hang a towel with a hole in the center: a golf towel with this crucial feature, a golf towel ring (the ring will be attached to a metal clip), and a golf bag (or belt loop).

Thread the towel

Begin by taking your golf towel and threading it through the slit in the center. Make sure it is evenly centered on the golf towel.

Fold the towel

Fold the towel in half, aligning the hole in the center. This will make a loop at the top of the towel.

Attach the carabiner

Now, take golf towel hooks or the carabiner and thread it through the hole created by the folded towel. You can also use a simple metal clip to hold the towel securely in place.

Choose attachment point

Determine where you prefer to attach your golf towel with a hole in the middle. As explained before, golfers usually attach it to their golf bags or belt loops for easy access.

Adjust for convenience

Adjust the length of the towel as needed. Some golfers choose a longer one for easy access and convenience, while others want it shorter so it won’t drag on the ground.

Ensure accessibility

Place the golf towel with a hole in the center in a way that lets you reach it easily while on the green. You’ll want to be able to grab it quickly to clean your golf clubs, golf balls, or hands.

And there you go, folks! That’s how you secure a golf towel with slit easily, always keeping it readily accessible to wipe dirt off your clubheads and making sure there’s no moisture on them. It’s a very simple effective way to stay prepared before and during a game.

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Although adding an opening in the center may seem like an insignificant detail, we’ve seen that it can significantly affect your golf experience. From traditional drapes and carabiner clips to towel rings or Velcro straps – one thing’s certain i.e., your golf towel must always be close at hand whenever needed. A center cut golf towel makes your life easier on the green since you can easily drape it over irons and keep it close to you in the bag. Use a string, rope, or clip that wraps around the hole in the middle of the towel, making this golf accessory accessible all the time.

FAQs – Golf Towel With A Hole In The Middle

1. Can I use any type of towel for golfing?

While technically any towel will do for playing golf, we strongly advise choosing a golfing towel designed specifically to perform well on a course, featuring excellent absorbency and quick drying capabilities.

2. How often should I wash my golf towel?

It is wise to give your golf towel a good, thorough washing after each round or any time it appears dirty to keep it in top shape and ensure its long-term effectiveness. Regular washing helps not only maintain its cleanliness but also helps keep its performance at an optimum level.

3. Can I hang my golf towel on a pushcart?

Hanging towels from carts is possible by employing the methods we already discussed in this blog, keeping your towel accessible throughout a game whether carrying it yourself or pushing it on a cart. It’s an easy solution that keeps it available regardless of how you move around your game.

4. What’s the best way to remove stains from a golf towel?

Clean your towel thoroughly to remove the stains accumulated on it. Combine baking soda and water for a homemade solution before applying this mixture directly on any stubborn spots before washing the towel itself.

5. Are there any creative ways to personalize my golf towel?

Beyond logos and names, make your towel even more unique by adding some personality to it. Consider including your favorite golf-related quotes showcasing your enthusiasm for this game. Let your imagination run wild; your golf towel could become the ideal canvas to express yourself.

6. Why do caddy towels have a hole?

Yes, even caddy towels have a hole in the middle. Now, this hole is there so that you can drape the towel over irons so that it stays in place in your bag and makes access a breeze. And, with that, you know how to hand a golf towel with a hole in the middle when riding a caddy.

7. What the heck is a magnetic golf towel?

Well, in simple words, it’s a microfiber golf towel with an industrial-strength magnet that snaps and holds to carts, metals, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, and bags for grab-n-go access and fast, on-the-go pickup around the green.

8. How do you even clean microfiber golf towels?

Cleaning these towels ain’t a mystery, folks. Just wash them in cold water with high-quality detergent. Then you should air dry the towels. Just remember these very simple instructions: Do not iron, hang dry only, and avoid bleaching these things.

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