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How to Choose The Right Golf Ball For Beginners? (Latest Guide)

So, are you an up-and-coming golf player willing to improve your golfing skills further? Well, you’ve come to the place. This article will explain a few ways to fine-tune your budding golfing acumen, especially the tricks involved in choosing a golf ball. So, if you’re asking, “How to choose a golf ball for me?” then we’re here to help. We’ll tell you exactly how to choose the right golf ball as a beginner. Keep reading this article and you’ll soon learn the tricks needed to make the right choice when shopping for your first dimpled sphere.

How to choose the right golf ball for beginners?

Reasons Choosing A Golf Ball Is Vital

Every year, many Americans take up golfing as a hobby and many of them end up playing this elegant game on a professional level. For instance, more than 26 million people played golf in 2022, adding 500,000 new golfers from the previously recorded time. These golfers wonder how to choose the right golf ball for their game. First, let’s see why choosing a golf ball is important for your golfing future:

Impact on your learning

Choosing a golf ball directly impacts your learning curve. If you select the wrong ball then it will hurt your education in the long run.

Cost considerations

Golf balls can be expensive and you’ll lose many balls when practicing your short game. So, learn how to choose the right golf ball to save money.

Performance mismatch

Choosing the right golf ball leads to a mismatch in performance. Some golf balls are designed for advanced players and may not be forgiving for amateurs.

Skill development

Going with the right ball aids in skill development. Using a ball that suits your skill level helps you improve your game faster.

Game enjoyment

Golf should be enjoyed. Choosing a golf ball that is just perfect for you will help you enjoy this elegant game. Reduce frustration by picking the right ball.

Course performance

Choosing the wrong golf ball leads to poor performance on the course, which may affect your playing partners and slow down the game.

Inconsistent results

The wrong ball produces inconsistent results, making it difficult to measure your progress. That’s why it’s vital to learn how to choose the right golf ball for beginners.

Impact on confidence

The right golf ball boosts your confidence, while the wrong one can do the opposite. So, we can claim that confidence is essential in golf.

Short game improvement

Beginners often need a ball that helps with their short game. So, consider choosing a golf ball fit for this purpose; develop your golfing skills effectively with more short-game practice.

Balancing distance and control

Choose the right golf ball to balance control and distance, the two most important aspects of this game. That’s how you can have the best of both worlds.

In essence, as a beginner, you need to carefully consider how to choose the right golf ball. Being lazy or careless about this decision wouldn’t just cost you a game but your entire golfing career. To hone your learning experience, go with a suitable dimpled sphered from now on. In the next section, we’ll discuss how to choose the right golf ball for you.

It’s vital to learn how to choose the right golf ball in 2024

How To Choose A Golf Ball For Me?

Choosing a golf ball isn’t child’s play and involves much contemplation. If you’re wondering how to choose the right golf ball for beginners then we got you covered. Beginners need to choose a golf ball that aligns with their playing styles and preferences. That’s the only way to enjoy a game of golf with your pals. Here are some tips that’ll help with choosing a golf ball that is fit for your personality:

Low-compression balls

As we’ve explained multiple times on Golfing Gimmicks before, most beginners should consider choosing a golf ball with low compression ratings (less than 70). These balls are softer and offer greater distances with lower swing speeds. So, you can control them easily and gradually move on to harder golf balls.

Two-piece construction

How to choose the right golf ball for a durable game? Choose durable golf balls i.e., golf balls with a two-piece construction. These balls are ideal for greenhorns and can help you play a nice game with your buddies.

Dimple design

Choosing a golf ball with the right number of dimples is important. Consider our article on how many dimples there are on a Pro V1 golf ball. Go with a simple dimple design to control your golf ball mid-flight. A simple design minimizes erratic flight, helping beginners achieve a very straighter ball trajectory.

Budget-friendly balls

Golf balls come in all shapes and sizes with varying prices. So, how to choose the right golf ball under the budget? Well, neither buy too cheap golf balls nor purchase the most expensive balls; invest in cost-effective golf balls and buy your favorite brain in bulk. That’s because golfers lose many golf balls in a single round. Choosing a golf ball for its affordability can help you overcome its loss very easily.

Feel and sound

Bear in mind that a golf ball’s appearance isn’t the only thing that matters; its touch and sound also contribute to its overall aesthetics. So, pay attention to how it sounds and feels when hit. Look at how it reacts to your golf club. These factors are important when choosing a golf ball for the very first time. That’s because some golfers prefer a softer feel and quieter sounds upon impact. You don’t want to buy a golf ball, such as Mach One or SHOCK’D, that implodes upon impact.


Choose the right golf ball color when choosing a golf ball for the first time. How to choose the right golf ball for its visibility? When, as we’ve explained in a recent article, go with yellow, pink, or even green when investing in your first-ever dimpled sphere. A lot of golfers don’t trust the traditional white color because it doesn’t let you track the golf ball in the air. A yellow or pink golf ball, however, can be spotted easily on the golf course.

Distance vs. control

There’s another ongoing debate among golfers about which one is more important, distance or control. Some golfers prioritize control while others aim to drive a shot as further as possible. A majority is convinced that controlling your distance is the best way to win a game. So, how to choose the right golf ball depends on which aspect of your game you wish to improve. Some golf balls give you more control while others are made to cover larger distances. So, choose a golf ball wisely.

Softer covers

If you want more greenside control then choose a golf with softer covers. You can improve your short game as a beginner this way and slowly move on to better golf balls. Srixon, Bridgestone, and many other brands manufacture softer golf balls, making your gameplay more convenient and amazing.

Compression matching

How to choose the right golf ball for your swing speed? The trick is to match the compression of the golf ball with your swing speed. Slower swing speeds work well with lower compression balls. So, remember this point when choosing a golf ball in 2024. Choosing a golf ball based on swing speed is very important for a beginner.

Try various brands

In the end, you should try various brands when choosing your first golf ball. Choosing a golf ball should be a fun activity, especially if you’re playing golf as a hobby. In other words, you have to experiment with multiple brands. Join online communities and ask them how to choose the right golf ball for beginners. Find out which brand is the best for you to upgrade your teeing skills.

You should also search the question “How to choose a golf ball for me?” on Google to see more information. You can participate in online quizzes to find which one’s the right golf ball for you. Also, some professionals get custom-made golf balls to match their swing speeds and playing styles. But this option is available (and affordable) for pro golfers only.

We hope you now understand how to choose the right golf ball


Here we conclude our blog on how to choose the right golf ball for beginners. We observed that it’s crucial to choose a golf ball with low compression ratings, softer covers, and better control. Don’t forget about the golf ball’s feel and sound. Visibility is also a factor when picking the right golf ball color. That’s the cleverest way of choosing a golf for your first-ever round on the green. Always buy in bulk and make sure to keep these golf balls budget-friendly.

We’ve also written an article on golf balls going bad recently in which there’s a section about how to choose a golf ball perfectly. So, if you’re wondering if a golf ball is selected at random or not then do give this section a thorough read. Keep following Golfing Gimmicks for further info on how to play golf like an expert.

FAQs – How To Choose The Right Golf Ball?

How to select a golf ball that’s just perfect for you?

Selecting an optimal golf ball involves considering factors like your playing style, swing speed, and preferences when making this important purchase decision. Experiment with different brands and models until you find one that complements your game best. What constitutes a “good” golf ball can differ from person to person.

Can I choose a golf ball for me without much effort?

A quality golf ball should fit your playing style while offering optimal distance, control, and feel. What constitutes a good golf ball can differ for each golfer. So, how do I choose a golf ball for me? Take an online quiz to find out which golf ball suits your swing speed and playing style.

What type of golf ball would be suitable for novice players?

Beginners typically benefit from two-piece, low-compression balls as they provide maximum distance and forgiveness on the green. How to choose the right golf ball as a novice? Go for a softer feel, higher visibility, and a simple dimple design when choosing a golf ball in 2024.

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