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Hitting Golf Shots Too High: Proven Tips For Soaring Success

Golf enthusiasts, both beginners and seasoned veterans, alike often strive for higher ball trajectories for various purposes. Be it to clear obstacles, navigate tricky terrain, or simply showcase skill, learning the art of hitting higher golf shots is invaluable. However, hitting golf shots too high isn’t always easy. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look at proven techniques that can elevate your shots for added versatility in your golf game. Learn how to hit irons higher.

The Advantages of Hitting Golf Shots Too High

Many golfers on social media have admitted that they struggle with hitting the ball too high and want some tips on, “How do I hit the golf ball too high?” However, first, we gotta understand a few benefits of hitting golf shots higher than normal. Why do we even want to hit irons higher in the first place? Well, consider these simple advantages of hitting your shots too high:

Increased Carry Distance

One key advantage of hitting your golf ball high is increased carry distance. A higher trajectory keeps the ball airborne for an extended flight and additional yards gained.

Stopping Power on the Green

Higher ball flights allow golfers to stop their ball more rapidly on the green, which is especially advantageous when dealing with tight pin positions, slopes, or potential hazards near their putting surface.

Better Performance in Windy Conditions

Windy conditions require high ball flights for maximum control over shot direction. By elevating the ball further from its intended trajectory, hitting golf shots too high allows players to reduce crosswind effects while maintaining greater precision with shots.

Choosing the Right Irons for Higher Trajectory

Now, we know why hitting irons higher is so beneficial. “But how do I hit the golf ball too high and reap all these benefits?” you may ask. Well, we’ll discuss some tips to hit irons higher and explain how choosing the perfect club aids you in hitting golf shots  too high:

Utilizing Higher-Lofted Irons

Selecting irons with higher lofts helps facilitate higher ball flight. When you’re seeking a loftier trajectory, consider including mid or high-numbered irons, such as 6-iron through 9-iron in your approach.

Hybrid Options for Increased Launch

Hybrid clubs combine the advantages of both irons and woods into one club for maximum versatility and performance. By including hybrid clubs in your iron set, they provide forgiving qualities while still offering control. That’s how hitting golf shots too high is made possible.

Selecting the Right Fairway Wood

Selecting an effective fairway wood club is key for producing higher ball flights. Consider its loft; higher lofted clubs like 5-woods can help provide a greater launch. In addition, take into account design features like center of gravity (CG) and kick point as these aspects affect trajectory.

Ball Position and Alignment

Finding an optimal ball position and alignment are keys to hitting fairway woods higher. Experiment by moving the ball slightly forward in your stance so it aligns with the inside of your lead foot; this adjustment creates more of an arced path through impact that promotes higher launches. That’s how you can hit your irons much higher than before.

Tee It Up for Success

When hitting fairway woods off of a tee, consider using a tee to slightly elevate the ball and allow a cleaner strike without interference from grass allowing for higher, smoother launches. Experiment with various height tees until finding what works for your swing! Hitting golf shots too high was never easier.

Swing Smoothly with a Controlled Tempo

Maintaining a smooth and controlled tempo when making fairway wood shots is paramount. Make sure not to overswing, as too much power could compromise accuracy and height. Opt instead for a balanced rhythmic swing which ensures solid contact between ball and clubs. That is how you can proudly announce, “I hit the golf ball too high” one day.

Mastering the Sweep Motion

Contrary to irons which require more of a downward strike, fairway woods benefit from being hit in an upward sweeping motion when impacting. Concentrate on brushing off any loose grass rather than taking an intentional divot; this sweeping action promotes higher launch and imparts backspin, aiding increased carry. That’s how you hit irons higher than usual.

Utilizing Wrist Hinge for Added Height

Engaging your wrists during your swing can increase its trajectory. Experiment with a controlled wrist hinge during the backswing, so the clubhead approaches on an ascending path toward the ball. This technique increases the launch angle while encouraging soft landings, making hitting golf shots too high way easier.

Engage the Lower Body: Power from Below

Utilize your lower body to accentuate an upward swing in the clubhead. Weight transfer and rotation of hips play an essential part in creating an efficient impact position, leading to higher launch angles. That’s how to hit irons higher and generate enough power on the green.

Practicing Elevation Drills

Add specific drills into your practice regimen that focus on developing higher ball flight with fairway woods, such as tee-height variation exercises, controlled tempo drills, and wrist hinge practices. Consistent and purposeful practice will reinforce any necessary adjustments in your swing.

Additional Tips for Maximizing Height

Hitting golf shots too high has been made much easier now. However, if you’re hitting them way too high then that’s a problem. Find out exactly why your golf shots are higher than normal and then try the opposite of the tips mentioned above. If you’re mad about hitting irons higher then we have some more tricks up our sleeve:

Keep Backswing and Follow-Through Low

Engaging in knee-high backswing and follow-through can assist with more level strikes by creating lower ball contact for increased launch height. That’s the best trick to hit irons higher.

Clamp Down on Your Club

For greater clubface control and improved precision and higher launch, consider tightening down on your grip to increase control of the clubface and better coordinate it with its ball flight path. This action may increase precision while simultaneously encouraging higher launch velocity.

Forward Shaft Lean

Adopting a forward shaft lean at address may promote a closed clubface at impact and thus influence positively its trajectory. Hitting golf shots too high is easily possible with this simple tip.

Position and Shoulder Tilt

Placing the ball further forward while tilting your front shoulder upward can result in direct contact between its backside and your shoulders, leading to square contact and higher launch. That’s how you can hit the golf ball too high.

Wider Swing Arc

Swing in an arc wider to achieve more level strikes by making contact lower on the ball before lofting it higher. Hitting golf shots way too high is possible when your swing arc is wider than your wildest imagination.

An optimal angle of attack

Shifting the angle at which your club strikes the ball can have an enormous effect on its lift. Aim for an upward angle of attack for optimal results. That’s how you can end up hitting golf shots too high.


Consider the speed at which the ball is traveling. Increased velocity may contribute to greater lift; to maximize lift potential, make sure that there is adequate clubhead speed available. That is our final tip on maximizing your golf ball’s distance to make sure you hit irons higher.


Mastering the skill of hitting higher requires an intricate blend of technique, club selection, and practice. If hitting golf shots too high is your goal then try the tips mentioned above. By following these strategies, you’ll develop the ability to launch balls accurately with precision and control. Enjoy your learning process and remain patient as your golf ball flies to new heights on the course! We hope you’ll end up proclaiming one day, “I hit the golf ball too high.” Furthermore, read about a world record made by Kyle Berkshire and the farthest someone has ever hit a dimpled sphere.

FAQs: Mastering The Art Of High Golf Shots

How to Hit Fairway Woods Higher?

Reaching a higher trajectory with fairway woods requires proper setup, swing adjustments, and club selection. Experiment with ball position while keeping a positive angle of attack intact for best launch results; lofted fairway woods might offer extra launch power as an effective launch mechanism.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Higher?

Elevating your golf ball involves careful adjustments to your setup, swing, and club selection. Experiment with ball position, and launch angle optimization, and ensure a positive angle of attack to reach desired height.

Is It Better to Hit a Golf Ball High or Low?

The ideal trajectory depends on your circumstances. While high shots may help with holding greens and windy conditions, lower shots could prove more advantageous under such circumstances. Mastering both trajectories can give you more versatility to adapt to various course situations and scenarios.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Higher with Irons?

To achieve greater iron trajectory, focus on perfect ball position, swing adjustments, and understanding club lofts. Tune your angle of attack accordingly by trying various irons; develop an aggressive but controlled swing; and find ways to manage tempo for more consistent ball flight.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Higher with a Driver?

Hitting the driver higher requires finding an optimal tee height, launch conditions, and angle of attack. Experiment with lofts, the height of your tee, and smooth swing techniques to optimize the height off of the tee.

How Do You Hit the Ball Up in Golf?

In golf, to achieve successful shots you need the proper setup by positioning the ball slightly forward of where your stance begins keeping a positive angle of attack through impact zone extension, and using clubs with more loft for better elevation.

How Do I Increase the Height of My Golf Ball?

Heighten your golf ball by tweaking your setup, playing around with ball positioning, and refining your swing technique. Aim for positive angles of attack, controlled tempos, and an optimal follow-through to produce consistent shots that rise higher and farther than before.

How to Hit My Mid-Irons Higher?

Mastering higher trajectories with mid-irons requires paying careful consideration to ball position, swing path, and technique. Experiment with club selection, improve the angle of attack and practice follow-through extension to increase height with your mid-iron shots.

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