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In this article, we’ll discuss the health benefits of playing golf. So, if you’re not into this hobby then consider them the compelling reasons to start playing golf. Otherwise, these are just a few health benefits of golfing to show you how this sport has a positive impact on your well-being.

A lot of people are interested in learning the advantages and disadvantages of playing golf. However, the number of golf health benefits is incalculable, making this immensely helpful to middle-aged men. We’ll try our best to take into account all the major health benefits of playing golf in this article.

10 Benefits of Playing Golf

Compelling Reasons To Start Playing Golf

So, why should you keep/start playing golf today? After all, this hobby is enjoyed by over 25 million U.S. citizens right now. The health benefits of golfing, once learned, will even sound believable or made up to some readers. However, rest assured that we have gathered all these health benefits of playing golf from verified sources. So, always check out the hyperlinked source to make sure we’re not bullshitting.

Without further ado, here are 10 compelling reasons to start playing golf in 2024:

1.      Strength and Endurance

Walking 18 holes is good for your cardiovascular heart, making your heart stronger and contributing to your increased well-being. So, the strength and endurance emanating from this sport are some of the best health benefits of playing golf. That’s because walking that much will successfully build your quads and hamstrings. Research has shown that walking 18 holes is equivalent to taking between 11,245 and 16,667 steps or walking 4 to 8 miles in a round.

In other words, you can fill your 30-minute-per-week quota of exercise every time you play golf, which is one of the most compelling reasons to start playing golf.

2.      Balance and Core Stability

Anything can be a form of exercise if you do it right. So, golfing can improve your balance, enhancing your core stability. No wonder older golfers gain improved balance, muscular function, and strength. These health benefits of playing golf have been observed and researched by experts.

Moreover, golfing makes you more flexible, mobile, and active. In short, golf enhances balance and flexibility through the coordination and range of motion required for each swing, making the many golf health benefits more apparent to curious observers.

3.      Reduce Your Stress

Did you know that one of the many golf health benefits includes stress reduction? Yes, you can easily overcome your stress and become mentally healthy by playing golf, research argues. Golf can restore your mental fatigue, making you more in touch with your sense of self-confidence.

Just like any other exercise of a physical nature, golf helps release endorphins from your brain, which are accurately described as feel-good hormones. These hormones make you happier, boost your sense of self-worth, and ward off diseases like stress, anxiety, or depression.

4.      Get Enough Vitamin D

Playing golf is a great excuse to get a healthy dose of vitamin D. You spend time in direct sunlight and get exposed to the sun’s healthy rays. Golfers get a lot of sun exposure in a single round. Moreover, it’s a fun way to be closer to nature and enjoy the many health benefits of playing golf.

Sunlight reduces your anxiety, boosts your concentration skills, and even bolsters your self-esteem. All these health benefits of golfing are enough to persuade you to start playing this sport.

5.      Socialize With Friends

It’s important to socialize to get a grip on your mental health. So, the social factor of this game is one of the most compelling reasons to start playing golf. Many experts have highlighted the “intergenerational connectedness” of this sport as it’s enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Since it takes about 5 hours to go through all 18 holes, it’s a good way to bond with friends.

Many middle-aged individuals find golf the perfect excuse for socialization.

6.      Helps With Weight Loss

You burn almost 1,500 calories by walking all 18 holes. That’s why golfing is such a healthy exercise and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Here’s a brief breakdown by a Redditor on how many calories you will lose by walking, riding, and carrying stuff during a game of golf.

These health benefits of golfing should convince you to play this game now.

7.      Helps You Sleep Better

When you are out in fresh air and getting ample daylight, it helps you sleep better at night. That’s why 88% of golfers sleep for 7 hours daily, improving their skills for a healthy day at work tomorrow.

What’s more interesting is that sleeping properly will lower your handicap, making you a better golfer. In other words, there’s a mutually beneficial relationship between sleeping better and playing golf.

8.      Fosters A Sense Of Competition

Golf can be very competitive and this competition is one of the most compelling reasons to start playing golf. The competitive nature of this sport originates many health benefits of golf. Everyone needs a little competition in life to thrive and be motivated to do better. That’s why all men and women should play a sport. The competitive nature of golf is very good for your mental and physical well-being.

Just make sure you also work on your sportsmanship and don’t be a sore loser on the grass.

9.      It’s A Very Safe Sport

We can add safety to one of the many health benefits of playing golf. This sport is safer than a lot of other sports. However, when not considered comparatively, golf can be dangerous to amateurs. For instance, a study shows that 41% of amateur golfers get injured playing golf annually.

So, it’s important to consider safety precautions when playing golf to make this game safer.

10.  You Can Potentially Live Longer

Can you live longer by playing golf? Yes, a 2009 Swedish study shows that playing golf once a month prevents the risk of early death among older adults. It adds 5 years to your life, successfully reducing your mortality rate by 40% provided that you play it regularly (once a month, at least).

That’s why an increased lifespan is one of the most important health benefits of playing golf that we know of today. It’s healthy for both men and women. In light of all the stuff we’ve mentioned earlier, its life-extending properties shouldn’t be doubted. So, start playing golf to live longer.

Some Disadvantages Of Playing Golf

It’s better to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of playing golf in this article. We’ve mentioned some compelling reasons to start playing golf before. However, besides the obvious health benefits of playing golf, golfers should be aware of all the risks associated with this game as well. Even if golfing is generally a low-risk pastime, it can be deadly in rare cases. So, here’s what can happen to you if you play golf carelessly:

1.      Time-Consuming

Golf rounds may take several hours and might not fit everyone’s schedule. So, busy professionals may have problems enjoying the many health benefits of playing golf due to their demanding timetables.

2.      Costly

Golf can be pretty expensive due to membership fees, equipment, and green fees. Not everyone can afford this hobby to enjoy the benefits of playing golf. Golf balls and clubs alone cost a pretty penny.

3.      Skill-Intensive

Golf can be frustrating for beginners since it requires a lot of practice and skill development. Developing these skills takes time, keeping the health benefits of golfing away from the reach of unskilled folks.

4.      Weather-Dependent

Weather conditions can greatly affect your golf game. Seasoned golfers can testify to how bad weather can lead to canceled rounds. So, you can miss out on all the golf health benefits due to the rainy season.

5.      Injury Risk

Poor swing mechanics or overuse can lead to golf-related injuries. If you’re not careful then a golf ball can even kill you on the golf course. So, be cautious to enjoy the benefits of playing golf with friends.

6.      Slow Pace

Some find the slow pace of golf rounds less engaging. When stating the advantages and disadvantages of playing golf, one shouldn’t forget that a slow-paced golfer can make the whole experience annoying.

7.      Frustration

Golf can be mentally challenging and lead to frustration. Even skilled golfers may get competitive or lose their edge sometimes. But this annoyance shouldn’t let you ignore the health benefits of playing golf.

8.      Environmental Impact

Golf courses require significant land and resources, which can impact the environment. So, don’t ignore the environmental effects of golf balls and invest in eco-friendly golfing equipment to enjoy this sport.

9.      Limited Physical Activity

It’s not a highly aerobic sport, so it might not offer the same fitness benefits as other sports. You may not enjoy the same level of physical activity offered by hobbies like dancing, jogging, or horseback riding.

10.  Accessibility

Golf might not be accessible to everyone due to its cost and the availability of nearby courses. That’s why you can enjoy the health benefits of playing golf only if this game’s pretty easily accessible to you.


In short, the health benefits of playing golf are countless. Let’s summarize some compelling reasons to start playing golf in this section. You’ll live longer, sleep better, lose more weight, become more socially active, and stay mentally healthy. These golf health benefits are enough to convince anyone to pick up golfing as a hobby. After all, it’s one of America’s favorite pastimes. You should consider the advantages and disadvantages of playing golf, however. Make up your mind after thorough research.

We hope these health benefits of golfing were edifying and persuasive enough for you.

FAQs – Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

Is golf good for your back?

One of the benefits of playing golf involves lower back pain. It’s good for your back as it’s a low-impact sport that promotes core strength.

Should I play golf with lower back pain?

If you have lower back pain, consult a healthcare professional before playing golf. Don’t let the health benefits of playing golf make you disregard caution.

What physical benefits can be derived from playing golf?

Many advantages and disadvantages of playing golf exist. Some physical benefits of playing golf include exercise, improved balance, and muscle toning.

Does golf reduce belly fat?

One of the health benefits of playing golf is reduced belly fat. Golf can contribute to weight management but isn’t a guaranteed way to reduce belly fat.

Why is golf such a relaxing sport?

Golf is relaxing due to the outdoor setting, social aspects, and the leisurely pace of the game. These are some of the major health benefits of golfing today.

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