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Do Heated Golf Balls Go Further? Tips To Enjoy Golf When It’s Cold Outside

Why do heated golf balls go further than others? How do you warm your golf balls? What are some tips to remember when playing golf in winter? The chilling month of November is upon us and we’re pretty sure you guys in America and Canada will be preparing for Christmas with much fervor. However, many golf enthusiasts find the winter season absolutely atrocious for their beloved hobby. Winter golf isn’t a very popular pastime; you gotta wear a lot of clothes and those golf balls feel cold to touch.

However, what some professionals are worried about is the reduced flight distance, a very common observation in the cold season. Under cold conditions, a golf ball doesn’t perform very well. So, pro golfers use some devices to heat their balls. So, do heated golf balls go further than normal golf balls? Let’s find everything we can about warming golf balls and golf ball warmers in this detailed article.

Do Heated Golf Balls Go Further?

Winter Equipment Including Golf Ball Heater Warmer

Do heated golf balls go further? Well, we have gathered some products to help you golf in winter. Whenever the weather gets chilly, bring out the below-mentioned products to improve your golf performance. These products include gloves, pullovers for women, golf shoes for men, and some amazing low-compression golf balls. All you gotta do is to go through these products, read the most reviews, compare pros and cons, check the price, make sure the product is still available, share this article with your friends, watch some good Netflix shows on golfing (talking about Full Swing here), and place your order ASAP. So, check out these bad boys:

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What Is A Golf Ball Warmer?

So, do heated golf balls go further than non-heated ones? First, let’s discuss how to heat golf balls. Warming golf balls is pretty easy and most golfers use a simple device for this purpose. It’s called a golf ball warmer and it keeps your dimpled spheres at an optimal temperature. As cold weather conditions affect your golf ball’s compression, you can maintain its performance by heating it. A golf ball warmer will keep your golf balls at the normal temperature, making sure these orbs react as expected when struck. So, try warming golf balls with this simple device which costs less than $100 when bought from Amazon. Enhance the feel and performance of your dimpled spheres by using electric golf ball warmers or other battery-operated versions. But are there any benefits of warming your golf balls?

Benefits Of Warming Golf Balls

Before answering the query “Do heated golf balls go further?”, it’s crucial to consider another equally important question i.e., “Why should I heat my golf balls?” We’ve already explained how golfers can use a golf ball warmer to keep their dimpled spheres at a desired temperature. Warming golf balls has a lot of benefits due to which summer is the ideal season for golf games. So, here are a few reasons why golfers like to heat their golf balls:

Maintained Performance

Since cold weather conditions affect a golf ball’s compression, warming golf balls will lead to better on-course performance. A golf ball warmer will maintain the ball’s intended compression, making sure it gives a consistent performance.

Improved Feel

Warmer golf balls also feel softer in your hands. So, warming golf balls will give you a better feel and feedback when striking the balls. A lot of pro golfers would die to get the proper feel of their golf balls. That’s why they like using a golf ball warmer.

Increased Distance

Do heated golf balls go further? Well, you should realize that cold weather conditions reduce a golf ball’s flight distance. If you’re aiming for 250 yards, every 10-degree drop in the temperature will make you lose two yards of that drive.

Enhanced Control

A softer feel gives you more control over how a golf ball behaves on the green. Heated golf balls won’t lose their elasticity and contribute to better control over them, allowing golfers to shape their shots far more effectively than possible with frozen golf balls.

Reduced Hand Discomfort

It’s quite uncomfortable to handle your golf balls when it’s chilly outside. Your hand will begin to ache after some time even if you’re wearing a pair of gloves. That’s why a lot of golfers use a golf ball warmer to make sure these dimpled spheres don’t hurt them.

Minimized Impact On Materials

Extreme cold isn’t very good for your golfing materials. Your golf balls and clubs need to be kept under warmer conditions. Warming golf balls can potentially increase the orb’s lifespan. That’s why you must buy a golf ball warmer to preserve the integrity of these spheres.

Do Heated Golf Balls Go Further?

Do heated golf balls travel further? Let’s flip the question: Why doesn’t a golf ball travel further under colder conditions? That’s because cold air is denser so it creates more drag. That’s why a golf ball will not go further when it’s chilly outside. So, do heated golf balls go further? Yes, they do cover more distance. Why do heated golf balls go a lot further than non-heated golf balls? Here are three reasons that may explain this phenomenon:

Compression Factor

As explained twice before, cold weather conditions change a golf ball’s compression. That’s why you can make heated golf balls go further because, under warmer conditions, a golf ball retains its elasticity. So, it compresses normally upon impact and covers the desired distance. In winter, compression loss prevents golfers from providing ample energy to the golf ball thereby reducing the flight distance.

Consistent Performance

You can make heated golf balls go further and cover more distance because they will perform normally thanks to a golf ball warmer. Warming golf balls is important because this way you can make sure these balls compress the way they’re supposed to upon impact. So, do heated golf balls go further? Yes, you can transfer more energy to them, contributing to much longer shots quite easily.

Enhanced Feel

Since warming golf balls give you better feedback on your dimpled spheres, you can control them a lot better. This improved feeling contributes to better performance on the green. So, how do heated golf balls go further? Well, that’s because of this enhanced feel and better grip. That’s why you should use a golf ball warmer to heat your dimpled spheres and make sure they’re warm enough.

Tips To Play Golf In Winter

Do heated golf balls go further and cover more distances? Yes, they do travel further upon heating. That is why the act of warming golf balls is recommended when you’re trying to enjoy golf in December. Not a lot of pro golfers like playing golf when it’s freezing outside. For instance, a survey shows that over 50% of golfers consider summer to be the best time for playing golf, however, just 4% of golfers regard winter as their ideal golfing season. If you still insist on playing golf on Christmas Eve, here’s what you should do before stepping on the green:

Layer Up

Wear weather-appropriate clothes to stay comfortable in the cold season. Wear thermal and moisture-wicking layers to stay warm and dry. A good base layer, insulating mid-layer, and waterproof outer layer are essential.

Proper Accessories

Invest in winter golf accessories like thermal gloves, hand warmers, and a beanie to keep extremities warm. Head out to your nearest golf course with proper accessories so you’ll stay comfortable when golfing with your pals.

Choose The Right Ball

Do heated golf balls go further? Yes, they do cover longer distances. Cold weather can also affect ball compression. So, opt for a low compression ball that performs better in colder conditions and gives out the best performance.

Grip Care

Don’t forget to keep your grips clean and dry. Cold weather can make grips hard and slick, affecting your control. Consider using gloves with built-in gripping technology. Consider warming golf balls for better results on the green.

Stay Flexible

Cold weather can stiffen your muscles. Ensure you warm up thoroughly before your round to maintain flexibility and prevent injuries. While using a golf ball warmer to heat your balls, keep yourself warm too so you can be more flexible.

Select The Right Footwear

Use waterproof and insulated golf shoes to keep your feet warm and dry, especially if the course is wet or snowy. Do heated golf balls go further? Well, they won’t go much far if you’re not wearing the right kind of shoes on the grass.

Be Mindful Of Course Conditions

Winter conditions mean wet or frozen ground. Adjust your strategy accordingly and be prepared for less roll on the fairways. Staying mindful of course conditions is very important when you’re trying to enjoy golf in colder months.

Hydration Matters

Drink plenty of water but not too much. Cold weather can mask the feeling of thirst, but staying hydrated is crucial. Drink water before, during, and after your round. Make sure you have ample water on the green as well.

Watch The Wind

Do heated golf balls go further? Yes, they do go further, but bad wind can reduce their flight distance. Winter winds can be biting. Pay attention to wind direction and adjust your shots accordingly so you can drive better results.

Plan For Shorter Days

Days are shorter in winter. So, plan your tee time accordingly, and be mindful that you might have less daylight to complete your round. That’s how you can enjoy a game of golf with your friends in the chilly month of December.


So, what did we learn in this Golfing Gimmicks article? Do heated golf balls go further? Yes, they do go further than cold golf balls. Does a golf ball warmer work and make your orbs cover longer distances? Yes, logic dictates that heated golf balls will travel further no matter how you heat them. However, we are just discussing a few general presumptions about a golf ball’s behavior. Don’t forget that factors like individual swing styles, ball design, and environmental conditions also play crucial roles. Golfers intrigued by this innovation might find it worthwhile to experiment and see if heated golf balls offer that extra edge to their game, especially in chilly weather. Moreover, consider this article next:

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FAQs – Do Heated Golf Balls Go Further?

Do heated golf balls go further in winter?

Warming golf balls in winter can improve their performance. Cold temperatures affect the compression of a golf ball, making it harder and potentially reducing distance. Heating the ball can restore some of its elasticity, allowing it to compress more upon impact and potentially travel farther.

Do heated golf balls go further in summer?

In summer, the impact of temperature on golf ball performance is generally less significant. Warmer temperatures lead to slightly softer ball compression, but this effect is often marginal compared to the impact of cold temperatures. So, the potential distance gain from heating golf balls is more noticeable in colder conditions.

Is it legal to warm golf balls on golf courses?

Warming golf balls before play is legal and falls within the realm of equipment preparation. However, it’s essential to consider the rules of the specific golf course or tournament you’re participating in. Maybe, a golf course doesn’t allow players to use a golf ball warmer. So, confirm its validity first.

Can I heat my golf balls in a microwave?

No, please don’t do that. Microwaving golf balls is not recommended. The intense heat generated by a microwave can damage the ball, altering its composition and potentially causing it to explode. It’s safer to use warm water or other approved methods to gently heat golf balls. A golf ball warmer has been designed specifically to keep your dimpled spheres warm enough in winter.

How do I keep my golf balls warm in winter?

You can keep a golf ball warm by storing it in a pocket close to your body, using hand warmers, or placing it in a thermos with warm water before play. Stay away from extreme heat sources like microwaves. Use a golf ball warmer to maintain its elasticity and enhance performance, especially in cold conditions.

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