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Who Makes Custom Kirkland Golf Balls?

Let’s talk about Kirkland golf balls and the reasons why golfers cherish them. Who makes these Custom Kirkland golf balls? Are Kirkland golf balls discontinued? We’ll answer these queries and many more in today’s discussion. In short, Kirkland Signature golf balls are inexpensive. They are made of the same materials as Pro V1 golf balls, giving the same level of endurance (but not the same kind of performance, mind you!). That’s why these balls are cherished by a lot of golfers. So, let’s discuss a few things about the Kirkland golf ball manufacturer here.

The Kirkland Golf Ball Mystery

Over time, golfers began noticing changes to the availability and branding of Custom Kirkland golf balls. Kirkland balls temporarily vanished from market shelves leaving golfers puzzled as to their future existence. What happened to these budget golf balls now? Are Kirkland golf balls discontinued? Well, the Kirkland golf ball manufacturer was facing legal challenges. The balls also had some quality issues because of which these dimpled spheres were taken off shelves back in December 2022. We’ll discover this lawsuit later. First, let’s learn the identify of Kirkland Yellow golf ball manufacturers.

Who Makes Custom Kirkland Golf Balls?

While their name might imply otherwise, these Kirkland balls are produced independently by Costco. So, you can say that Kirkland golf balls are a product of the Kirkland Signature brand, which is owned by Costco. Some features of Kirkland golf balls include a soft urethane cover, high spin rate, and a 4-piece construction. These golf balls are designed for performance and are similar to well-known premium golf balls in the market. That’s how Custom Kirkland golf balls are made.

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls at Costco

Custom Kirkland golf balls are exclusive to Costco and part of its Kirkland Signature brand, known for offering premium products across various categories. This brand boasts high standards when it comes to quality. Kirkland offers an expansive selection of golf balls tailored specifically to golfers of varying skill levels i.e., distance balls for novice players through tour performance models for experienced pros. So, there is sure to be something perfect in Kirkland for all golfers. Using Custom Kirkland golf balls means using cheap but powerful balls to win a round of golf.

Costco Vs. Titleist: The Legal Battle

The “Ball Wars” Between Custom Kirkland Golf Ball Manufacturer and Titleist – one of the most well-known brands of golf equipment – started back in 2017. First, Costco sued Acushnet Holdings Corp., maker of Titleist balls. So, Titleist countersued Costco, accusing Kirkland golf ball manufacturers of infringing upon its patents related to ball core and dimples. Costco began selling Kirkland Signature golf balls that were remarkably similar to Titleist’s Pro V1 golf balls but offered at a significantly lower price. Acushnet Holdings Corp., claiming patent infringement, trade secret violations, and false advertising, sued Costco for selling these golf balls. That’s why Costco had to discontinue selling Custom Kirkland golf balls eventually. But you can still buy Kirkland v2.0 model golf balls if you truly love the brand.

Are Custom Kirkland Golf Balls Worth it?

Kirkland golf balls may or may not meet your preferences and playing style. But for budget-minded golfers who still require high-quality balls to enjoy playing golf on a budget, Kirkland makes an outstanding option. So, here’s a breakdown of all the major reasons why these golf balls are the best:

Suited for All Skill Levels

Custom Kirkland golf balls offer something suitable for golfers of every ability level. Both novices and veterans find something in Kirkland to meet their playing style. They resemble Pro V1 golf balls and make up for amazing dimpled spheres, ready to be played with pride and confidence.

Quality Assurance

Custom Kirkland golf balls are cost-effective, high-quality orbs. Kirkland Signature golf balls are known for their commitment to quality, providing peace of mind to golfers. You should buy these beauties before they become extinct. Hopefully, Costco will keep releasing new versions.

Urethane Cover

Many golf balls are famous for how durable they are i.e., long-lasting. The urethane cover enhances the feel and control around the greens. Thanks to a strong cover, they provide excellent distance and spin control, suitable for both amateur and professional golfers.

Comparing Kirkland and Pro V1

Once we understand their fundamental differences, let’s compare Kirkland and Pro V1 in several aspects. Pro V1 golf balls typically feature more intricate construction that incorporates multiple layers to optimize spin, distance, and control. Kirkland golf balls may feature similar multilayer designs but might lack some of these fine details found on a Pro V1.


So, what makes Custom Kirkland golf balls the best? Kirkland Signature golf balls have sparked curiosity among golf enthusiasts due to their quality and affordability. These balls offer golfers a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on quality. As the world of golf continues to evolve, the Kirkland golf ball story serves as a reminder that exceptional golfing experiences can be found in unexpected places, and it’s worth exploring various options to find the perfect fit for your game. So, keep playing, and don’t worry about where Kirkland balls are manufactured.

FAQs – Custom Kirkland Golf Balls

Where are Kirkland golf balls made?

The manufacturing location of Kirkland golf balls can vary, but they have been associated with production in various regions, including countries like South Korea and the United States. Until recently, Custom Kirkland golf balls were manufactured by Qingdao SM Parker, China.

Are Custom Kirkland golf balls made by Titleist?

Kirkland golf balls are not directly manufactured by Titleist. They are separate from Titleist golf balls. The lawsuit between Costco and Titleist was brutal but you shouldn’t forget that Kirkland Signature golf balls are a different brand of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.

Who makes Kirkland Signature golf balls?

The specific company responsible for manufacturing Kirkland Signature golf balls is not publicly disclosed by Costco. Until recently, these golf balls were made by Qingdao SM Parker, China. But it’s believed that now Kirkland golf balls are made by the Japanese.

Why did Costco stop selling Kirkland golf balls?

The reasons for Costco discontinuing or limiting sales of Kirkland golf balls have not been officially disclosed. However, supply chain or production issues might be contributing factors. The lawsuit with Titleist dealt a major blow to Kirkland golf balls’ popularity.

Which Custom Kirkland golf balls are the best?

Determining the best Kirkland golf ball depends on your preferences and playing style. Some popular choices include the Kirkland Signature 4-Piece Golf Ball for its excellent performance and the Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Performance Plus Golf Ball for its value.

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