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Can You Dye A Golf Ball?

Dyeing golf balls may not seem like a big deal. Why would you even give perfectly white golf balls a bright color? How would dyeing golf balls help you become a better player? Shouldn’t this be illegal? Can you dye a golf ball in 2024? Well, we’re going to answer all these queries here in this Golfing Gimmicks article. We’ve already written an entire document on why many pro golfers choose to color their balls and play with non-write dimpled spheres. Make your golf balls more visible, unique, and easy to identify by dyeing them properly. So, how can you dye a golf ball? Let’s find out in this simple and amazing article without further ado.

Can you dye a golf ball in 2024?

So, Can You Dye A Golf Ball In 2024?

Let’s discuss the permissibility of dyeing golf balls in this section. So, can you bleach your balls? Yes, dyeing golf balls isn’t illegal and, when done cautiously, generates amazing results. Golfers make their golf balls more visible by dyeing them. Turn white golf balls into colorful orbs with this simple method. You can personalize them and fine-tune your façade along with your golf-related skills. Just make sure the dyeing process doesn’t affect their performance. For instance, boiling a golf ball will destroy its core, affecting its elasticity and distance. Also, don’t submerge a golf ball or it’ll get waterlogged. Inspect the rules and regulations established by the USGA and you will be okay. So, can you dye a golf ball? You can if you consider these precautions:

Use The Right Dye

Make sure your dye has been specifically designed for golf balls. Some folks like using products like Rit Dye to bleach their golf balls. But these are all-purpose dyes and it’s better to use dyes designed particularly for golf balls.

Wear Protective Gear

Take care of your well-being when dyeing golf balls. Can you dye a golf ball? You can if you’re wearing eye goggles, disposable gloves, and proper headgear. Shield yourself, especially your eyes, from potential splatters when dyeing golf balls.

Clean The Golf Balls

Clean your golf balls before applying the dye on them. That’s how you can make sure the dye stays on these dimpled spheres. Use warm soapy water to give your balls a thorough cleaning. This will help the dye adhere better and ensure a more even color.


If you wish to keep some areas on your golf balls untouched, like the logo, number, or markings, use masking tape to cover those areas before dyeing golf balls. So, can you dye a golf ball but leave a certain patch on its surface untouched? Yes, it’s possible.

Follow Mixing Instructions

Follow the right mixing instructions to make sure your golf ball is dyed thoroughly. It does not matter if you’re using fabric dye or paint, you can achieve the desired color and consistency by mixing the concoction the right way.

Dye Submersion

Immerse your golf balls in the dye completely for even coloring. The longer they stay in the dye, the deeper the color will be. However, don’t keep them in the dye for a long time. Can you dye a golf ball in a few minutes? Yes, it takes 5 minutes to dye golf balls.

Rinse and Remove

Don’t forget to rinse and remove excess dye. That’s how you can prevent color bleeding during play. So, rinse your golf balls under cold water after they have spent several minutes in the dye.

Peel Off Masking

If you had masking tape to cover some portions of your golf ball then peel it off carefully. Be gentle and don’t ruin the ball. Only peel it off when you’re confident it won’t bleed anymore. Be careful not to smudge the color.

Final Rinse

Rinse it for a second time under cold water and use a clean tower to pet your golf ball dry. Now, the dyeing process is complete. So, can you dye a golf ball and then play with it immediately? No, give the thing some time to heal.

Allow To Heal

Your golf ball needs a day to heal from the dyeing process. Dyeing golf balls ain’t difficult but it sure is a time-consuming procedure. So, place your dimpled spheres on a clean towel or rack for proper air drying.

Performance Testing

So, can you dye a golf ball and play with it after a day? Well, it’s now time to test your dyed golf ball’s performance. Is it performing the same after bleaching? You gotta test the thing to ensure it’s been dyed properly. A proper performance test will show its true color (pun intended!).

Regulations in Tournament

Be aware that some golf tournaments may have strict rules about dyeing golf balls. So, take the question “Can you dye a golf ball?” to them before bleaching your dimpled spheres. Always check the rules of a certain tournament before bringing dyed golf balls to it.

Benefits of Dyeing Golf Balls

So, why should you consider dyeing golf balls? We know the answer to “Can you dye a golf ball in 2024?” but the benefits of this process are still not clear. Let’s discuss six key reasons why it is beneficial to bleach your balls and give these orbs an exciting new color:


The primary reason for dyeing golf balls is to personalize them. You can make them look like something you own. Dyeing golf balls is the best way to make them your possessions (yes, it sounds cheeky but I really like coming up with this phrase).

Enhanced Visibility

Instead of using Glow In The Dark golf balls, make your golf balls more visible by dyeing them. So, can you dye a golf ball to play golf at night? Sure you can! You can easily track your shots with a bleached golf ball and avoid losing your balls.

Reduced Confusion

You can avoid losing your golf balls by dyeing them. So, can you dye a golf ball to make it very unique? Yes, bleach the thing to give it a unique look, minimize confusion, prevent accidents on the grass, and enjoy a happy game of golf daily.

Aesthetic Appeal

Dyeing golf balls is fun and you can make these dimpled spheres look extra appealing. Also, it’s a great opportunity to bring out your creative side. So, try to express yourself with different ways to bleach your balls and have fun on the course.

Environmental Awareness

Use eco-friendly dyes to make your golf balls friendlier toward the environment. So, can you dye a golf ball without harming the climate? Yes, dyeing golf balls with non-toxic products will save the environment and protect you from toxic VOCs.

Cost Savings

Can you dye a golf ball to make it last longer? Yes, dyeing golf balls makes them a little more durable. You can repurpose old golf balls by dyeing them, saving you money on buying new ones. Read our article on repurposing old golf balls too.

Watch YouTube videos showing how to dye your golf balls in 2024.

A Guide To Dyeing Golf Balls

So, can you dye a golf ball? Yes, there’s nothing wrong with that. But how do you dye a golf ball properly? In this section, we’ll discuss a step-by-step process of dyeing golf balls. Bear in mind, dear reader, that dyeing golf balls happens to be a delicate process. That’s why you should ask a professional to do it instead. But, if you’re adamant about doing it by yourself, here’s how you can go about it:

Procure the Materials

Procure the right materials to go through this process. Dyeing golf balls requires the following products i.e., white golf balls, golf ball paint (or fabric dye), disposable gloves, plastic containers, stirring sticks, masking tape, a toothbrush, plastic wrap, and protective eyewear.

Choose Your Color

Choose the right color scheme for your golf balls. Make sure you’re going with the most visible of all colors (green/yellow, for instance). If you don’t like fabric dyes then try using specialized golf ball paint. Choose eco-friendly options to make your golf balls healthy.

Consider Your Safety

Prioritize your well-being and wear disposable gloves to protect your hands. Don’t forget to wear goggles to protect your eyes from the fumes emanating from golf ball dyes. So, can you dye a golf ball at your home? You can, however, you should be careful and procure PPE.

Prepare The Balls

As mentioned before, you gotta clean your balls before bleaching them. Remove any dirt, debris, or old markings. You can use a toothbrush or scrub brush for this. How can you dye a golf ball without making sure it’s clean enough for the color to stay on its surface?!


It’s just as we’ve explained before. Use masking tape to cover any areas of the golf ball that you want to keep white or a different color. For example, you might want to leave the numbering and branding uncolored. That’s how you can make sure the ball has its logo intact.

Mix The Dye

Procure a large container for submerging your golf ball. Also, follow the instructions on your fabric dye or golf ball paint to mix it. So, can you dye a golf ball safely at home? You can if you are following these instructions and mixing the dye in a large enough container.

Dye Your Balls

Now, it’s time to put your balls in these containers. Keep them submerged for as long as required to achieve your desired color. The longer you leave them in the dye, the deeper the color will be. Just make sure your golf balls don’t get waterlogged during this process.

Rinse and Dry

After a few minutes, take the golf ball out of the container. But the dyeing process isn’t finished yet. Can you dye a golf ball and then play with it immediately? No, you gotta rinse it under cold water to remove excess dye. After rinsing, give it some time to heal properly.

Protect The Design

Can you dye a golf ball and keep its logo intact? Yes, that’s what masking tape is for! So, if you have used masking tape to preserve specific areas, carefully peel it off once you’re sure the dye won’t bleed anymore. Be gentle to avoid smudging the color of your dimpled sphere.

Final Rinse

So, can you dye a golf ball and then play with it after peeling the tape off? Well, give your golf balls a final rinse under cold water and gently pat them dry with a clean towel. Then you have to wait for them to heal and get ready once again for a round on the grass.

Allow To Cure

So, what happens now? Give the golf balls a final rinse under cold water and gently pat them dry with a clean towel. That’s how you make sure that your golf balls are all ready to be put on the grass. However, you should first check a golf ball’s performance after dyeing it.

Test and Adjust

Dyeing golf balls is great. But can you dye a golf ball and then play with it the next minute? No, you gotta give it a rest (24 hours in most cases). Test your dyed golf balls on the course. Ensure that the dye doesn’t impact their performance. That’s how golf balls are dyed.

Just be careful when dyeing golf balls are it’s better to have pros have a go at it!


So, can you dye a golf ball after all? What did you learn after going through all this stuff? Well, dyeing golf balls is a creative way to personalize your precious little dimpled spheres. Don’t forget to approach dyeing golf balls with caution; watch YouTube tutorials on how to dye your golf balls. Also, don’t keep your golf balls submerged for a long time; they can waterlogged if left underwater even for several minutes. Moreover, be mindful of USGA’s rules when dyeing golf balls. All these considerations will help you creatively express yourself on the green. So, can you dye your golf balls in 2024? Yes, you can add a touch of personality to your game this way.

FAQs – Can You Dye a Golf Ball?

How to dye a golf ball?

Golf balls are typically not designed to be dyed by consumers. Attempting to dye a golf ball may affect its performance and could be against the rules of golf. So, it’s better to go to dyeing pros to get the job done right.

How to dye golf balls with food coloring?

Mix food coloring with water to create a dye solution and then submerge your golf ball in that solution for a few hours. Keep in mind that this may not be effective and could impact the ball’s performance.

How to dye golf balls with Rit Dye?

Rit Dye is not recommended for dyeing golf balls as it may damage the ball’s cover and impact its performance. So, can you dye a golf ball? Yes, you can do that by using a dye designed for golf balls specifically.

How to dye golf balls white again?

You cannot easily dye golf balls white again once they have been colored. It’s best to purchase new white golf balls. Dyeing your golf balls repeatedly may damage their performance so it’s a lot smarter to buy a new one.

How to dye a golf ball black?

Dyeing a golf ball black is not recommended for the same reasons as dyeing it in other colors. It may negatively affect the ball’s performance and could be against the rules of golf. Please never dye your golf ball black again.

Dyeing golf balls is very easy, apparently!

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