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10 Best cities for golf lovers in the US

Golf is one of the most popular pastimes in the United States. It’s estimated that more than 25 million Americans like playing golf. That’s why some cities in the country have fascinating golf courses where you can fine-tune your putting skills in total peace. This blog will discuss some of the best cities for golf lovers in the United States. Let’s discuss which of these best golf communities in the US you should consider for your next trip. So, here are some best cities for golfers for your consideration. Whether you’re looking to relocate to a golf-friendly city or simply planning a golf-centered vacation, this list will help.

10 Best Cities For Golf Lovers

Best Cities For Golf Enthusiasts

We know that golf is a passion for many and these diehard golf enthusiasts like to express their love for this elegant game in various places. That’s why they’re always looking for the best cities for golf in the US. Whether you’re a casual weekend golfer or a professional player, let’s discuss some of the best golf courses in the US today. Thankfully, America boasts a wide range of cities that cater to golf lovers with their lush fairways, scenic beauty, and a variety of courses to suit every skill level. Therefore, here are the 10 best cities for golf lovers in the United States of America you should probably visit next year:

1. Scottsdale, Arizona

Known as “The World’s Finest Golf Destination,” Scottsdale boasts over 200 golf courses, including legendary gems like TPC Scottsdale and Troon North. With its stunning desert landscape, you’ll enjoy both challenging rounds and breathtaking views. So, what else is there to Scottsdale aside from being one of the best cities for golf lovers out there? Well, it has many amazing spa resorts. It’s filled with a lot of amazing, family-friendly activities and attractions to choose from as a visitor.

2. Pebble Beach, California

Even though Pebble Beach has less than a dozen golf courses to offer, it’s still one of the best cities for golf lovers in the country. Pebble Beach is synonymous with iconic golf. Home to the world-famous Pebble Beach Golf Links, this coastal town offers a golfing experience like no other, with views of the Pacific Ocean that are nothing short of spectacular. You can find one of the best golf communities in the affluent neighborhoods of this Californian region where you can even make new friends.

3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Let’s not forget about one of the best cities for golf in S. Carolina i.e., Myrtle Beach. With a hundred golf courses, it’s a mecca for every golf enthusiast out there. Offering a mix of styles and challenges, all of its golf courses are set against a backdrop of beautiful South Carolina scenery. Moreover, it’s a beach city so you can enjoy exploring its many attractions. Engage in water sports as well and taste Myrtle Beach’s very delicious cuisine. You should travel to Myrtle Beach with your family at least once a year.

4. Naples, Florida

Do you know why Naples (Florida) is one of the best cities for golf lovers in the US? That’s because only 30 out of its 90 prestigious golf courses are open to the public. That’s right, Naples is a golfer’s paradise, with more golf holes per capita than any other city in the country. You’ll find a mix of private and public courses to enjoy in this sunny destination. Also, the beaches, museums, and other cultural attractions of this amazing city further attract loads of tourists to this exotic location every year.

5. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

This golf island doesn’t have many golf courses to offer. But you can easily find many private and semi-private golf courses on this South Carolinian island. Hilton Head Island is famous for its tranquil beaches and excellent golf courses. With a wide variety of layouts, it caters to golfers of all skill levels, providing a beautiful coastal setting. You can take a trip to Savannah (Jackson County) and then head to this island in no time. Enjoy heritage buildings and beautiful beaches on Hilton Head Island after that.

6. Pinehurst, North Carolina

One of the best cities for golf lovers in North Carolina is the prestigious Pinehurst. Pinehurst is renowned for its historic Pinehurst No. 2 course, where golf legends have played. You can enjoy a charming, relaxed atmosphere in this iconic location and try your luck on its many golf courses. With its 40 golf courses, it is known as the state’s golf capital. Also, you can attend visitor-friendly military parades in Pinehurst if you arrive for the occasion. It’s one of the best cities for golfers in the United States.

7. San Diego, California

San Diego has more than 70 golf courses and perfect year-round weather. Incidentally, it has a 70-mile-long shoreline, attracting visitors from all over the country. As one of the best cities for golf lovers in the United States, it offers high-quality courses, including Torrey Pines, where you can play while enjoying breathtaking ocean views. It’s described as a mixture of history, culture, nature, and delicious foods. You gotta visit San Diego this winter to observe one of the best golf communities in the US.

8. Orlando, Florida

Orlando doesn’t just have the best rollercoaster rides in Florida but also some of its best golf courses. It has one of the best golf communities in the US with 200 golf courses. Orlando is famous for its theme parks, but it’s also a golfer’s haven. The area features a plethora of golf courses, both challenging and accessible, making it ideal for golf lovers of all skill levels. So, if you enjoy sunny weather, gorgeous beaches, and an affordable vacation then come on down to Orlando with your family.

9. Charleston, South Carolina

Let’s discuss another South Carolinian city for its amazing golf courses. Charleston combines history, charm, and excellent golf. With a variety of public and private courses, you can enjoy the sport amidst the city’s picturesque streets and coastal scenery. While there are just 7 golf courses in the city itself, you can find 32 golf courses within 20 miles of Charleston, making it one of the best cities for golf lovers in the country. This city is also known for its charming architecture, pleasant weather, and excellent cuisine.

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

Most people head to Las Vegas for whores, cocaine, and a little bit of gambling. However, there’s a lot more to Sin City than brothels and casinos; Las Vegas is a golf lover’s paradise, with a range of courses designed by legends like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. So, it’s one of the best cities for golf lovers in the US, boasting 70 golf courses and 22 golf resorts. You will find a healthy, thriving golf community in Las Vegas. So, enjoy a round of golf before trying your luck at the casinos.


Here we finish our breakdown of the best cities for golf in the US. These are the best cities for golfers in the whole wide world if you ask us. Each of these cities offers a unique golfing experience, combining quality courses with scenic beauty and a welcoming golf community. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just starting, these cities provide the perfect backdrop for your golfing adventures. You’ll find the best golf communities in the US and the best golf courses in the US as well. So, pack your bags and embark upon a tour of all these amazing places in 2024. Creatively express your love for golf.

FAQs – Best Cities For Golf Lovers

Which city is christened the world’s golf capital?

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina has been labeled as the world’s golf capital because it has many award-winning golf courses, attracting millions of annual visitors from all parts of the world.

Which US state has the most golf courses?

Florida has 1,250 golf courses, making it the king of all the best cities for golf lovers in 2024. California comes second with more than 900 golf courses. Palm Beach is Florida’s golf capital.

Why is golf deemed a rich man’s game?

Despite many best cities for golf lovers in America alone, golf is deemed rich people’s sport because its equipment costs a pretty penny. Also, many golf clubs charge a hefty fee from patrons.

Which country in the world loves golf the most?

Even though golf was invented in Scotland and many American companies make golf-related products, Ireland takes the trophy as the most golf-loving country in the world. Guess the best cities for golf are Irish!

How many golf courses and country clubs operate in America?

As of 2022, over 8,800 golf courses and country clubs operate in the United States. Most of these golf courses are located across Florida, California, Texas, New York, and Michigan.

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