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Are Slazenger Golf Balls Good? Reviewing Cheap Golf Balls

If you are a fan of cheap, quality golf balls then try Slazenger products today. You might have even heard of these amazing dimpled spheres in the past. Slazenger golf balls are produced by an old British sports equipment brand founded by two brothers in London at the end of the 19th century. Acquired by Sports Direct (now known as the Frasers Group) in 2004, this enterprise manufactures products for a wide range of sports, such as golf, tennis, hockey, and cricket. So, are Slazenger golf balls good for practice? Let’s find out in this brief article.

Slazenger golf balls after they’ve been cut open

Series of Slazenger Golf Balls

We are sorry to announce that Slazenger golf ball are not available in the US right now. Therefore, for the Slazenger series, you have to purchase from their website which is Europe-based. But some used options are still available in the US. So, we have collected some products which you can now easily buy online in America. Go through all these products one by one and choose the best golf balls for your golfing career.

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What Are Slazenger Golf Balls?

As explained above, Slazenger golf balls are produced by a British sports equipment company; this company also manufactures different sports goods for tennis, hockey, and cricket lovers. It has been operating since 1881 when two Jewish brothers named Slazenger established a small company in the middle of London. So, are Slazenger golf balls good for amateurs and veterans? Yes, the Slazenger brand is committed to quality, innovation, and achieving excellence; it’s only natural for their products to give excellent responses on the green.

Right now, Slazenger golf balls are manufactured and produced under OnCore Golf’s license; it is an American golf ball manufacturer also partnering with famous brands like TaylorMade. That is why the heritage and legacy of the 19th-century British-origin golf company Slazenger is today preserved for generations to come. So, are Slazenger golf balls good to play with if you’re just a beginner? Consider these features of characteristics of Slazenger products:

Diverse Range

Slazenger golf balls cater to players with different skills. No matter what your skill level is, you’ll find playing with Slazenger golf balls pretty amazing. That’s the answer to the ancient question “Are Slazenger golf balls good?” These dimpled spheres with a black Panther logo will help all kinds of players; you can find golf balls suitable for beginners, intermediate players, and even seasoned golfers.


Slazenger golf balls are designed for different performance levels. They help golfers play as per their skill levels, controlling different features like feel, control, and distance. They cover longer distances and you can easily fine-tune your swing speed by hitting these dimpled spheres.

Durable Cover

So, are Slazenger golf balls good because of their durability? Yes, these golf balls feature very durable covers to withstand the rigors of intense golf play. Some people describe hitting them as hitting a rock. That’s why these golf balls won’t lose their quality with time and it’ll probably take dozens of hits before they even begin to wither. That’s why these balls are so good.

Are Slazenger golf balls good for beginners?

Why Are Slazenger Golf Balls Good?

We’ve already explained a few reasons why Slazenger golf balls are the GOAT. But let’s repeat these reasons to make this article at least 1,000 words long. Why are Slazenger golf balls good for beginners? We’ll discuss some factors that make Slazenger every beginner’s favorite brand. If you are just starting with the game of golf, you gotta learn that the benefits of a golf ball can be subjective; just because a golf ball works well with another golfer doesn’t mean it’s gonna be just as amazing for you. So, don’t be mad if the following benefits don’t coincide with your own experience with Slazenger golf balls:


As you can see in the pictures we’ve pasted here, Slazenger makes some of the cheapest golf balls out there. For instance, a simple golf ball may cost less than 1 pound-sterling (or a little above $1). Similarly, you can buy Slazenger V300 golf balls for less than 16 pound-sterling. So, they often range from around $10 to $30 per dozen. This affordability makes Slazenger models ideal for practicing.

Diverse Options

Many Slazenger golf models are available for you to experiment with on the grass. Some models cost more than others so it’s up to you to choose your favorite brand. For instance, you may try Slazenger Money golf balls or the famous V300; these are the two most popular models a golfer must always try. Then we have Black Label and Raw Distance as some lesser-known models. So, try these models before responding to “Are Slazenger golf balls good?” online.

Decent Performance

Slazenger golf balls don’t perform as well as some premium golf balls do. But they sure offer a certain level of decent performance in terms of feel, distance, and control. Also, as explained in the section above, these golf balls are pretty durable. Their rock-hard cover makes them ideal to practice with on the green. So, why are Slazenger golf balls good? Well, they perform quite well considering their cost.


All the three factors mentioned just now make Slazenger golf balls extremely beginner-friendly. A traditional golf ball comes with many advanced characteristics, however, inexperienced folks aren’t ready to handle these features. Practicing with foam-filled golf balls or other brands isn’t an option either because these models don’t help them work on their essential golf skills. So, a Slazenger golf ball helps them cost-effectively fine-tune their golf skills.

Golf Heritage

Why are Slazenger golf balls good for beginners? Well, you will be playing with a heritage brand ball when hitting Slazenger products. They come from an old line of sports goods. That’s why it is a privilege to play with these amazing products. In short, Slazenger golf balls have a decent heritage thanks to their long history of producing reliable golf equipment and their association with legendary players.

Slazenger Versus Traditional Golf Balls

We now know the answer to, “Are Slazenger golf balls good for play?” But how exactly do they differ from normal, premium golf balls? Well, many YouTube videos are available to answer this question; you can find pro golfers comparing the black Panther-logo Slazenger golf balls with the famous Titleist golf balls to show exactly how these two products are different.

Bear in mind that, while Slazenger golf balls offer many other benefits, they may not provide the same level of advanced performance as golf balls from some top-tier brands. Golfers, especially those with higher skill levels, might prefer the enhanced features and technologies found in premium golf balls. That’s why you should choose the right golf ball by keeping your skills, style, and other factors in mind. Experiment with different golf ball models to find the one that suits your game best. So, why are Slazenger golf balls good or bad? Compare them with traditional dimpled spheres and decide for yourself:

Price Range

Slazenger golf balls are quite inexpensive thereby more easily affordable when compared to traditional, premium golf balls. So, if you want to spend less on your hobby then consider these bad boys.


Slazenger golf balls are usually two-piece products with a multi-layer construction. That’s even more true for Slazenger Money golf balls! So, they feature a solid core and a cover, designed to provide more distance and durability. These multi-layer balls include a soft core, mantle layer, and titanium cover.

Performance Characteristics

Slazenger golf balls aren’t distance-oriented spheres; they don’t go as far as some other balls. So, a golf ball designed to achieve maximum distance will go much further than Slazenger golf balls. Now, you can understand the query, “Are Slazenger golf balls good?”

The Black Panther logo indicates different Slazenger products e.g., Slazenger Money golf balls


So, why are Slazenger golf balls good for practice? Golfing is like a grand adventure, and each ball you choose can be your trusty sidekick on the journey. While some might favor the classics, others dare to venture into the realm of the lesser-known. Slazenger golf balls are known for lots of qualities, such as their ruggedness, cost-effectiveness, and British manufacturing. These golf balls are cheap, perform extremely well, offer immense durability, and cater to golfers of various skill levels. That’s why we deem Slazenger Money golf balls and other models great for amateur players and seasoned golfers alike.

FAQs – Are Slazenger Golf Balls Good?

How many dimples are there on Slazenger golf balls?

Slazenger produces different golfing products, one of which is the Slazenger V300 Soft golf ball. It has 352 dimples for better flight distance and performance.

Are Slazenger Money golf balls any good?

Slazenger Money golf balls are low-compression (around 65), two-piece golf balls with a 360 dimple design. They’re described as very solid with an impressive distance.

Can playing with Slazenger golf balls guarantee me a hole-in-one every round?

Even though Slazenger Money golf balls and other products perform very well on the green, it is up to you whether you achieve a hole-in-one every single round. These balls don’t guarantee it but make it easier to get the desired results in a game of golf.

A YouTuber showing Slazenger V100 golf balls, featuring two-piece construction and titanium cover

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