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Golfers often come across various golf balls suited for different playing styles and preferences. However, America’s national golfing associations deemed some of these brands illegal. One of these balls, for instance, is TaylorMade Golf’s Noodle golf ball, known for its softer feel and affordability. Some questions have arisen about the legality of Noodle golf balls on the green. So, are Noodle golf balls legal? Or, are Noodle golf balls illegal? Let’s discuss the legality of this famous product in this brief article.

Are Noodle golf balls illegal?

Understanding Noodle Golf Balls

Noodle golf balls help golfers hit their balls further than ever. These two unique features set them apart from other golf balls:

  • Low-Compression Core: At the heart of every Noodle golf ball lies its low-compression core design, which enables more rapid compression upon impact less spin, and, ultimately, longer distance shots.
  • Soft Cover: Noodle golf balls have soft covers made of Surlyn that provide superior control and feel near the greens. This softness enhances both control and feel when approaching them for shots at par threes or par fives.

In short, these golf balls are made with an Iothane cover, helping cut air resistance for a longer carry. They don’t hurt your pockets and are ripe for a casual game of golf, especially if you have a slower swing speed. Now, you can realize how golfers love Noodle golf balls.

Why do golfers love Noodle golf balls?

So, are Noodle golf balls illegal? Well, whether they’re illegal or not, Noodle golf balls have won the hearts of golfers worldwide for good reason: they give shots that extra boost they need to travel further into the air. Their propensity for doing just that comes in especially handy on par-5 holes where reaching your desired distance may prove challenging. These golf balls give you extra yards off the tee, helping seasoned or novice golfers alike hit further than before. So, if you’re hoping to elevate your golf game and gain that extra distance, Noodle golf balls could be just what’s necessary. Let’s investigate further and see where they stand among other options in golf.

No wonder golf experts rate Noodle golf balls the best for amateur golfers, as these golf balls can help greenhorns learn to play this sport faster. And herein lies the reason why some folks may deem Noodle golf balls illegal.

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Are Noodle Golf Balls Game-changers?

Are Noodle golf balls illegal? Well, they sure are game-changers! They are well-known for their distance performance, designed to provide golfers with a good balance of distance off the tee. However, before determining whether they’re illegal or not, you need to consider some factors that influence this decision.

The Perceived Advantage

One of the major reasons noodle golf balls have become such a hotly debated topic is their perceived performance advantage over traditional balls. Many golfers argue passionately that these noodle golf balls can send your shots flying further down the fairway than with traditional ones, almost like having access to superpowers within your golf bag. So, if a golf ball gives one golfer an unfair advantage over others, it might be deemed illegal.

Navigating the Rules of Golf

In golf, rules and regulations are an integral component. The United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of the UK (R&A) lays down regulations when it comes to equipment for play. Among golf enthusiasts, there is some controversy as Noodle golf balls may fall outside these guidelines due to their unique construction, providing an additional boost for your game.

The Tournament Dilemma

Imagine this: you are participating in either a professional or amateur golf tournament where all rules are clear; equipment must adhere to the rules of golf. Noodle golf balls may come under scrutiny due to their use in tournaments. The question “Are Noodle golf balls illegal?” is deeply connected to this one: “Do they harmonize with the spirit of the game and are they compatible with its spirit?” These questions echo through fairways across America.

Are Noodle Golf Balls Legal?

Ultimately, whether noodle golf balls are considered legal depends on the rules and regulations of your specific golf course or tournament. So, are Noodle golf balls illegal? Here’s what we can say about them:

Local Course Rules

Golf courses all have their own set of regulations and restrictions that need to be abided by, which makes noodle golf balls something of a wild card; some courses might welcome them with open arms while others might not welcome them as warmly. To prevent any unpleasant surprises from coming your way, reach out to course management or review their rulebook to see whether your noodle golf balls can play their fairways safely.

USGA and R&A Rules

The United States Golf Association’s guidelines often correspond with how noodle golf balls behave when used casually or when competitive events take place. Keeping abreast of updates/guidelines issued from them is key in staying abreast of changes that might occur over time. Consider this list of conforming golf balls to learn if Noodle golf balls are banned.

Tournament Rules

Are you participating in a golf tournament? If so, organizers of such events don’t leave much room for confusion: their tournament rules and regulations clearly outline whether distance-enhancing balls such as noodles can join your journey.

In the end, are Noodle golf balls illegal to use? After going through all these stages, we learn that Noodle golf balls are perfectly legal and there is nothing to indicate otherwise. In fact, the USGA’s list referenced above mentions many models manufactured by TaylorMade. These balls are now 100% legal to use in different tournaments, however, some golf courses may deem them illegal on their own. So, it’s better to consult with professionals before bringing Noodle golf balls on the grass.


In the end, you can rest assured that TaylorMade Golf’s Noodle golf balls are perfectly legal as per the USGA’s standards. Therefore, you can confidently enjoy the soft feel and affordability of Noodle golf balls without any concerns about their legality on the course. Choosing the right golf ball can make or break your game. Make sure you’re teeing off with the perfect accessory. Read further blog posts on our website to learn about legal and illegal golf balls.

FAQs – Are Noodle Golf Balls Illegal?

What is a noodle ball?

Noodle balls, also referred to as “noodle golf balls”, are designed for players who desire more distance without giving up control and that soft feel. Packed with unique features, noodle balls have earned themselves a place in golfers of all skill levels’ bags.

Are noodle golf balls any good?

Yes, noodle golf balls are soft, low-compression, affordable, and high-quality orbs. They are amazing for beginners and even pro golfers can use them to practice as well as bolster their skills. They are also budget-friendly and designed to provide a balance of distance and control for recreational golfers.

Are noodle golf balls illegal in competitions?

Noodle golf balls are a target of intense mockery in the golfing community because they’re associated with unskilled, amateur golfers. However, as we’ve just explained to you in the Conclusion, these golf balls are perfectly legal.

How many layers does a noodle golf ball have?

Noodle golf balls typically utilize a two-piece design. Internally, there’s usually a low-compression core that acts like the engine of your shots, and, on the outside, there is usually a soft Surlyn cover that serves to balance distance and feel. Together these components come to offer that distinctive combination that has made these balls famous among golfers worldwide.

What does “noodle” mean in golf?

“Noodle balls” in golf don’t refer to pasta; rather, we refer to an impressive type of ball known as the noodle ball that stands out from the pack by featuring low compression cores and soft covers – two features that give these golf balls their distinctive look and make them easier to hit without producing pain upon impact. Their secret lies within those low-compression cores that send your ball flying without feeling like hitting brick walls!

Are noodle golf balls made by TaylorMade?

Yes, noodle golf balls are manufactured under the brand name TaylorMade. Most TaylorMade golf balls are manufactured in S. Korea by a factory named Nassau Golf Co. In 2021, TaylorMade acquired that company so it’s possible that noodle golf balls are still made in Korea.

What is the compression rating of noodle golf balls?

As per Amazon, “The original noodle long and soft golf ball has a 34 compression core and an aerodynamic dimple pattern.” Moreover, the ball has 342 aerodynamic dimples that help reduce air resistance for longer carry. That’s why noodle soft golf balls are very beneficial for practice sessions.

How much does a noodle golf ball cost?

You can check on Amazon store and find that a pock of 15 noodle golf balls costs less than 30 USD. In other words, a single noodle golf ball costs $1.93, making it one of the cheapest products in golf. Amazon also gives very generous discounts on noodle golf balls (15-packer for $19.19) i.e., $1.28 per ball. That’s why we argue that noodle golf balls are quite affordable for beginners.

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