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Are Golf Balls Safe For Dogs? Can Dogs Chew On Them?

Some golfers like to practice with their dogs and bring their canine friends to a golf course. But are golf balls safe for dogs? Can they chew on these dimpled spheres? Does there exist a very healthy relationship between dogs and golf balls? This article will argue whether golf balls are safe for canines or not. Moreover, we’ll discuss what to do if your dog swallows golf balls and how to prevent dogs from chewing on these orbs. Hopefully, you will learn how to keep your dogs safe and healthy on a golf course after reading this informative article.

Are golf balls safe for canines?

Are Golf Balls Safe For Dogs In Any Case?

So, are golf balls safe for canines to chew on and play with normally? No, golf balls aren’t chew toys and your pets shouldn’t be playing with them. That’s because these balls are small in size, non-edible in composition, and filled with hazardous elements. Your dog’s teeth can get broken or the animal can swallow the golf ball and choke on it. That’s the answer to the query, “Are golf balls safe for dogs?” Make sure your dogs have safe toys to play with and chew on when they want to have fun. Don’t ask your dog to fetch a golf ball either. Here’s what will happen if owners leave dogs and golf balls to interact with each other:

Choking Hazard

Why are dogs and golf balls mutual enemies? That’s because dogs can choke on golf balls and even die because of that. If a golf ball gets lodged in a dog’s throat, your dog may pass. That is why you should keep golf balls away from the reach of dogs and other animals.

Tooth Damage

Golf balls aren’t meant to be chewed on so they can damage your canine’s teeth. Chewing on hard, rubber-like stuff like a golf ball may lead to crooked or broken teeth. So, are golf balls safe for dogs? No, dogs and golf balls don’t enjoy a very friendly relationship.

Swallowing Hazard

Swallowing a golf ball can lead to intestinal blockages, threatening the very life of your dog. That is why the answer to the question “Are golf balls safe for dogs?” is negative. You can find a lot of examples of dogs swallowing golf balls and then passing out due to blockage.

Toxic Materials

Some golf balls may even contain toxic materials or coatings. Ingesting these materials can be not only harmful but even lethal for your canines. So, are golf balls safe for dogs? No, chewing on them or eating them can be a death sentence for your favorite pet.

Why Do Some Dogs Chew On Golf Balls?

We know that nothing makes golf balls safe for dogs. Dogs have almost died after swallowing a tennis ball and a golf ball when out on a walk. Swallowing golf balls doesn’t just put the dog’s life in peril but also puts the owner back a hefty amount in vet bills. That’s why you should never let dogs and golf balls mix. So, are golf balls safe for dogs in any case? The answer is negative. It may seem perplexing, however, why some canines insist on chewon on golf balls. Well, we will now discuss a few reasons why your dogs love to play with dimpled spheres:

Chewing Instinct

Dogs and cats like to chew stuff. It’s their instinct. They keep their teeth clean by chewing things and biting whatever looks tasty enough. It also helps strengthen their jaws and extinguish these creatures’ lust for blood. Though tamed, your average pets are supposed to be wild beasts who live in the jungle. So, chewing stimulates their mind. That makes golf balls safe for dogs in not a single case because chewing on these dimpled spheres will render their teeth useless.

Texture and Shape

Are golf balls safe for dogs? No, they are unsafe for canines. Then why do dogs and golf balls always seem so interconnected? Well, the dimples on these spheres may appeal to your pets’ senses and tell them to give these orbs a bite. That’s because unique patterns and textures will attract a dog. The shape and size of golf balls will also invite dogs to chew on them.


We know that nothing makes golf balls safe for dogs. But dogs are curious little things. They are often attracted by the sheer novelty of an experience. They are like babies, trying to explore lots of new stuff. It shouldn’t come as a surprise when dogs and golf balls seem to be going along so well. However, you must bear in mind that golf balls are a choking hazard for canines.


Some golfers like to use their dogs to fetch golf balls. For instance, as we’ve explained in a recent article, retrieving golf balls is very good for the environment. So, many golfers prefer to train their Golden Retrievers to do the deed for them. After all, dogs like to chase, fetch, and carry around stuff. However, you shouldn’t forget that nothing makes golf balls safe for dogs. So, don’t let them play with golf balls. Fetch your golf balls by yourself, dear golfers.

These surgically retrieved sphered dimples show what makes golf balls safe for dogs in not a single case.

How To Stop Dogs From Swallowing Golf Balls?

Now we know that the answer to the question “Are golf balls safe for dogs?” is a resounding “no”. So, how to stop your dog from chewing on golf balls? Well, consider these simple and easy tips. Here’s how you can put a barrier between dogs and golf balls:


Dogs and golf balls aren’t super best friends. You should keep an eye on your canine to make sure it doesn’t try to eat dimpled spheres. Supervised dogs will be safer around golf balls. So, are golf balls safe for dogs? No, supervise them to make sure they don’t chew on these orbs.

Provide Safe Toys

Provide your canine with a healthy supply of safe chew toys. Make sure dogs and golf balls stay inches apart whenever you’re playing on a course. Your dog can keep chewing on its toys and will leave your balls alone. Interesting and engaging chew toys are a dog’s best friends.


Are golf balls safe for dogs? No, make your dogs learn that by training them. Don’t train them to fetch a golf ball, train them to stay away from it. Use “leave it” and “drop it” commands to make your canine realize that chewing on golf balls isn’t a very good thing.

Secure Storage

Store your golf balls away from the dog’s reach. Keep it in a hidden storage place where your dogs can’t find it. That’s how you can make sure your dogs don’t chew on these golf balls. It’s better to choose a locked cabinet to keep your golf equipment safe.

Regular Exercise

Are golf balls safe for dogs? No, but your dog doesn’t understand that. So, you should ensure it gets regular exercise so it stops chewing on golf balls and other stuff. Mentally healthy canines will choose to play with their toys instead of golf balls.

Positive Reinforcement

Reward your dog when it chooses to play with a chew toy. If your dog plays with golf balls then show your anger. That’s how can you reduce your dog’s desire for destructive chewing. Make sure your dog understands your displeasure when it plays with a golf ball.

Consult a Professional

Go and see a professional and ask them about “Are golf balls safe for dogs?” They can help if your dog has a recurring chewing problem. A dog trainer or behaviorist will look into this case, making your dog’s chewing behavior healthier than before.

Bitter Spray

Buy pet-safe bitter sprays that make golf balls undesirable for them. You can deter your dogs from chewing on them by spraying this thing on your golf balls. But bear in mind that this dog spray isn’t a substitute for supervision and training.

Dogs Chew and Training Tools

But what do you do if your canine buddy insists of biting your golf balls? Well, we can recommend some options and suggest which products to buy to help your dogs with this addiction (not an actual addiction, per se; it’s in a dog’s nature to test its teeth on everything). You can get those canines some chew toys, long-lasting bones, and sprays to teach the animal not to bite your stuff. Get a licking mat for dogs and cats. Buy a high-quality collar for the creature, These products will teach your pets obedience and keep them distracted from ruining your golf balls. So, do consider getting at least one of these products. Pair different products to get a better result. That’s how you keep your passion for golf without letting your dogs mess it all up for you!

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Dogs and golf balls don’t make up a very healthy combination.


We know that golf balls can kill you (or injure you very badly in most cases). But are golf balls safe for dogs? This article has shown that golf balls are unsafe for your pets. Dogs shouldn’t chew on these balls as they may swallow and choke on them. If your dog likes to play with golf balls (playing fetch, for instance) then use sprays to make golf balls unappealing to it. Don’t use dogs to fetch your golf balls after hitting them far away. Dogs and golf balls aren’t a very good combination. So, are golf balls safe for canines? The answer is a big, fat “no”.

FAQs – Are Golf Balls Safe For Dogs?

Can my dog choke on a golf ball?

Yes, dogs have been known to choke on small golf balls that obstruct the airway of an animal. Therefore, monitor your dogs (mostly the pups) when playing golf to make sure they don’t ingest these dimpled spheres.

How to tell if my dog has swallowed a golf ball?

If your dog has ingested a golf ball, watch for signs like difficulty breathing, gagging, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort. If you notice these symptoms, seek immediate veterinary assistance. That’s how you can keep your dog alive,

Can a large dog pass a golf ball?

Even large dogs should avoid playing or swallowing golf balls due to potential internal damage risk. Your dog may not be able to pass a golf ball so it’s better not to let dogs and golf balls ever interact with each other.

What should I do if my dog chewed up a golf ball?

If your dog has consumed a golf ball, make sure that its mouth has not suffered any trauma and keep an eye out for any signs of discomfort or distress. seek medical guidance immediately by consulting with your vet.

How long can dogs chew on golf balls?

Golf balls should not be given to your dog to chew, which can prove potentially hazardous if your pup breaks one apart and swallows or chokes on its contents. Provide safe chew toys so your canine friend can have plenty of enjoyable entertainment without risking swallowing or choking on itself.

Are golf balls safe for dogs? No, they are not, and you shouldn’t train a dog to fetch them.

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