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What Is 3 Ball Betting In Golf? Golf Betting Explained

Do you wanna make golf more interesting and exciting for both parties? Then try betting on it. Sports betting is a very popular phenomenon and many people engage in this activity. That’s because gambling raises the stakes and makes a game a lot more competitive, encouraging players to do their best on the green. It’s pretty among golfers to gamble; 80% of them like to do so. Some golf betting strategies are different than others. For instance, 3 Ball Betting is a very popular way to bet on golf and determine who’s the best.

This article will discuss the legality of golf betting, different ways to gamble in golf, and some vital 3 Ball Betting rules you gotta remember. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into the world of golf ball betting.

Is Golf Betting Legal In The US?

So, is it legal to gamble on golf? First, we must discuss the legality of golf ball betting and the different ways to gamble in golf. Only then we should switch to discussing 3 Ball Betting in detail. You should consider two important aspects when debating the legality of golf betting:

  • The legal status of golf gambling itself
  • The legal status of sports betting in the US

Lucky for you, more than two dozen states have currently legalized sports betting. On the other hand, more than 35 states deem it permissible to bet on golf games. That’s why we argue that golf betting is generally legal in the United States. However, it’s still important to the legal status of this practice in Canada and America.

United States

In the United States, sports betting laws have evolved. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was repealed in 2018, allowing individual states to legalize sports betting. Several states have done so, but the laws vary. While some states permit online and in-person sports betting, others have restrictions. Golf ball betting is generally legal in states with authorized sports betting.


In Canada, sports betting is regulated at the provincial level. Certain provinces have legalized sports betting, but it is not universally legal across the country. The legal landscape is evolving, with discussions about potential changes to sports betting laws at the federal level. As of 2021, single-game sports betting has been legal in Canada, allowing more Canadian golfers to enjoy gambling while playing golf.

How To Engage In Golf Betting Legally?

Golf betting is a fast-growing industry and many platforms are making profit hand over fist by letting people gamble on this elegant game. Whether you’re fan of three-ball or other forms of golf ball gambling, you should realize the amazing potential of this industry. For instance, one survey shows that this industry is expected to grow by 22% between 2021 and 2025.

However, in 2019, golf betting just accounted for 1% of all legal sports betting. So, if you are thinking about engaging in 3 Ball Betting then it seems like the right time for that. But first you gotta learn how many different ways are there to bet on golf. So, here’s a brief breakdown:

Outright Winner

Betting on the golfer you believe will win the entire tournament. You can bet on yourself, your friends, or a pro golfers competing in a professional match.

Each-Way Betting

Placing a bet on a golfer to either win or finish in the top few positions, depending on bookmaker rules. For instance, the other half of the wager can be about yout favorite player ending up in the top 5.

Top 5 or Top 10 Finish

However, you can bring a variation in this form of betting as well. Betting on a golfer to finish in the top 5 or top 10 positions is also possible instead of splitting your wager into two parts.

Head-to-Head Matchups

Betting on one golfer to score better than another golfer in a specific matchup. You can bet on a less skilled golfer winning due to favoriable weather conditions or them having a better four iron along with many other factors.

Group Betting

Betting on which golfer will have the best score among a predefined group of players. In this form of golf betting, you will be betting on a person among a group of players.

Round Leader

Betting on the golfer who will have the lowest score at the end of a specific round. In other words, you’re betting on: who will be the first round leader in the respective part of the draw.

Hole-in-One Betting

Betting on whether there will be a hole-in-one during the tournament. That’s because a hole-in-one is very rare. So, the rarity of this occurrence makes it a decent betting opportunity.

First Round Leader

Betting on the golfer who will lead after the first round. Also called FRL, this wager is placed on a golfer to be in first place after Round 1 of a given tournament.

Nationality Betting

Betting on the nationality of the winner or the top-performing golfer from a specific country. It may seem a little racist but men have their unique methods of enjoying golf. So, who gives a shit, am I right?

Prop Bets

Various prop bets, such as betting on the total number of birdies in a round or the margin of victory. These kind of gambling tactics can be very helpful when you’re trying to make sense of your gameplay.

The Essence of “3 Balls” in Golf

“3-ball” in golf generally refers to three players teeing off together during one round and engaging in betting formats designed specifically to take advantage of them. Bettors typically engage with this format using various scenarios provided.

3-ball bets in golf pit three players against each other during tournament rounds in an exciting contest to determine who can shoot the lowest round score amongst themselves – this format, often popular on Thursdays and Fridays of tournaments, adds extra strategy and anticipation into golf betting!

Superhero Showdown: Understanding Golf Betting with 3 Ball

The Basics: Three Heroes, One Round

Imagine Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman playing “Superhero Golf.” They each must complete one round to determine who will do best in our competition! We want to know who will show their heroic potential first!

Real-Time Fun: Who’s the Favorite?

  • Just like guessing the winner of any race with friends and colleagues, people can predict which superhero will excel at golf. Assume the odds for Superman of Even Money (+100). That is to say, if you wager one candy against him winning you get another as compensation should he triumph!
  • Batwoman stands out with an added advantage compared to Batman: 1.75 candies more when she wins; while Wonder Woman boasts +300 candies more upon success!

Ties and Tricks: What if They Draw?

Now here’s where it gets tricky – should two or all three superheroes achieve equal scores, it would be like when friends tie at races: candy prizes must be split among everyone involved and some may receive less than expected.

Group Fun: More Heroes, More Guesses

There’s also another game, “Superhero Group Golf.” In this version of it, five superheroes are playing together and you need to guess who has scored highest among them all.

Bigger Challenges: More Superheroes, More Candy

Odds vary this time around and candy prizes become even greater; however, if two superheroes tie, their prize will again be divided evenly.

Factors Influencing 3-Ball Betting

Strengths and Weaknesses

Assessing each player’s statistical strengths and weaknesses is of vital importance when making informed decisions about team personnel. Consider aspects such as driving accuracy, putting proficiency, recent form, etc to make an educated selection decision.

Weather And Course Layout

Environmental conditions and course design play key roles. Evaluate how each golfer’s game corresponds with these factors. Furthermore, monitor health issues or external distractions that might hinder performance as these may have an impact on playability.

Research and Statistics

Wedge available player stats, tournament histories, and recent performance indicators into effective strategies. Platforms like the PGA Tour provide extensive data while analysts such as RickRunGood can offer invaluable perspectives.

Betting Odds and Value

Not all sportsbooks provide three-ball betting, so choose carefully when selecting your sportsbook of choice. Compare odds across platforms while paying attention to value rather than blindly backing favorites; identifying potential upsets or underrated players is crucial to maximizing returns and achieving optimal returns.

Strategies for Success: Rather than blindly betting favorites to increase returns.

Backing the Favorite

Selecting a fan favorite can often be the safer bet in less competitive settings; however, exercising caution in tournaments with high-caliber players grouped as favorites might not necessarily offer clear advantages over their competition.

Recognizing Value Bets

Look beyond obvious choices to identify players with favorable odds who possess skills suited for course conditions and match with established competitors on similar courses. Avoid gambles on rank outsiders without an established track record on similar courses.

Utilize Contrarian Bets

Take advantage of Contrarian Bets by betting against popular bets when there appear to be discrepancies between the hype surrounding players compared to their actual suitability for the course and current form.

Monitor Live Scores

Keeping track of live scores allows for in-play betting opportunities that present themselves during rounds, offering advantageous odds for an informed bet. Rules and Additional Insights: Alternatively, refer back to our Additional Insights for help when placing bets during in-play action.

Tie Scenarios

Be familiar with the rules about ties. In two-ball bets, any tie results in a refund; with three-ball bets dead heat rules apply and your stake will be divided in half as per dead heat rules.

Missed Cuts

In two-ball wagers, should one of the starting three players withdraw during play, the remaining player becomes the victor; for three-balls however, betting continues as usual between those remaining.

When Does 3-Ball Betting Occur in Tournaments?

Bettors typically can take part in 3-ball betting at golf events on Thursday and Friday of tournament week, when all field members are divided up into 3-ball pairings for easier wagering on specific individuals within each trio. This gives punters more of an opportunity to follow specific performances within their groups of three bettors.

The Basics of Golf Tournaments and 3-Ball Groupings

Understanding the structure of golf tournaments is paramount for successful 3-ball betting. Tournaments usually span four days from Thursday through to Sunday; with three-ball pairings dominating on Day 1, followed by 2-ball pairings after Day 2.

Choosing a Reputable Sportsbook

Step one in three-ball betting begins by choosing a trustworthy sportsbook. When making this choice, make sure that it meets state and federal law adherence as well as data security concerns. Popular options like DraftKings, BetMGM, and Bet365 often offer competitive odds.

Creating an Account and Depositing Funds

After selecting a sportsbook, opening an account and depositing funds are the next steps in managing one. Personal information, including social security numbers and addresses, may be requested before funds can be added via bank transfers, credit cards, or sometimes PayPal.


So, what do we know about 3 Ball Betting and golf betting in general? We know that it’s an arrangement where players will create a threesome and others will bet on which one’s gonna score the lowest. It’s one of the many ways to bet on golf; gambling is pretty popular among both professional and casual golfers. Just make sure you keep this passion merely playful; don’t let money come between you and your friends. This is how you can enjoy golf betting and make the most out of 3 Ball Betting as well.

Use credible platforms like DraftKings SportsBook to bet on your favorite sports, such as golf. Find out credible gollf odds, lines, and online betting platforms in case you wish to enjoy your favorite time for a long time. DraftKings SportsBooks is a pretty reliable place to bet on golf.

FAQs – 3 Ball Betting Rules

What does “3 Ball” mean in golf?

“3-ball” refers to any three players paired together for an organized round of golf play. This format often offers unique betting formats which add an element of competition within the trio.

What is 3 Ball Betting in golf?

3 Ball Betting in golf involves placing bets on the performance of three players who form an ensemble during an individual round, in an attempt to predict who will achieve the lowest score among their group of three players. Bettors aim to predict which member of this trio will achieve their own lowest score among themselves.

How does 3 Ball Betting work?

At 3 Ball Betting, participants select the player they think will outperform his or her peers during an individual round, with odds determined based on how likely their success seems.

What is 2/3 balls in golf betting?

2/3 balls is an intriguing variation of golf betting in which participants predict which of three golfers in a group will post the lowest score – adding another level of complexity compared to traditional bets on overall tournament outcomes.

What are the rules for 3 Balls in golf?

Under 3 Ball Betting rules in golf, three individuals compete within an established trio to see who can score the lowest score during one round and thus claim victory of their 3-ball bet. Whoever achieves that objective will win their respective bet.

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